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Testing Dutch Tests


For Dutch native-speaker prospective students with a foreign secondary school diploma

If you did not take Dutch as an exam subject in secondary school but you do want to study in the Netherlands, you can take the C-test.

C-test stands for Cloze test and tests your language proficiency level. The C-test is not directly related to the CEFR-levels C1 and C2.

Certificate: sufficient to successfully follow a degree programme at a Dutch university or university of applied sciences

If you pass, you will be issued with a certificate stating that your Dutch is sufficient to successfully follow a degree programme at a Dutch university or university of applied sciences.

Test Format

The test consists of 3 texts whereby every second word is missing half of its letters. If a word has an uneven number of letters, then half + 1 of the letters are missing. You have to complete the words. For example:

  • De he______ van h____ aantal let______ is wegge________.
    Je mo____ de woo_______ weer comp______ maken.
  • De helft van het aantal letters is weggelaten.
    Je moet de woorden weer compleet maken.

There are a total of 100 words to complete. Please read the C-test Instruction carefully to learn more about the test itself.

Test Results

A score of 90% is required for a pass mark. This means your language proficiency is comparable to that of a student in VWO year 5.


The test costs € 42.50.


After the test you will receive 3 certificates.
If you would like to receive more certificates, please ask your examiner to indicate this on the application form.
  • Each additional certificate will cost € 1
  • If you would like to receive more certificates at a later stage, you will be charged an administration fee of € 10 and € 1 for each additional certificate

Organization of the Test

The entire test will take approximately 1 hour.
  • You will first have a short conversation with a teacher to determine whether your language proficiency is comparable with that of a native speaker.
  • You will then take the test, which lasts 30 minutes.
  • This will be checked immediately and you will be told the result on the spot.
  • The test is currently done entirely online due to the coronavirus.


  • You can make an individual appointment via the Secretary's Office.
  • Once you have received the right advice during the appointment you can register for the test via this link.
Last modified:10 February 2021 10.23 a.m.
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