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Language Centre Tailor-made training courses

English Individual Writing Course

Writing is not easy...


  • You have to write a report and you can’t seem to be able to produce a structured text. What can you do to ensure that your text follows a logical progression?
  • You want to write something about your research for the general public. How can you ensure that your style is clear enough?
  • Writing e-mails takes you too long. You write and delete and eventually you send a shorter text than you actually wanted to. How can you work more efficiently?
  • You regularly have the feeling that you’re making mistakes that you shouldn’t be making. How can you learn not to make them any more?

The Language Centre can help you to write structured, clear, comprehensive, error-free texts. The supervision can be done in various ways, from a one-off appointment to a number of half-days. We can discuss your wishes and our services during a preliminary interview.

Contact Information

Interested? Please contact us to set up an intake interview.

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