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Dutch at advanced level

Dutch is the language of instruction right from the start of the first lesson. The language courses concentrate on communication, and that means that the Dutch learnt is actively practised during class!

This course is intended for participants who can communicate in Dutch without great problems. You understand texts almost fully, with the exception of a few words and idiomatic expressions. The course starts at advanced CEFR level B2.

Study load

This course consists of 24 lessons. A lesson in an online course takes 1.5 hours, during an in person course a lesson takes 2 hours. In addition, you should count on a total of about 60 hours of self-study.

Office hour
If you want to register for a course at this level and you have not followed a course with the Language Centre before, you must visit the office hour. You can only register for this course if you have been given the matching advice.

Do you have to take the civic integration examination and want to register for your first Language Centre course? Then you have to visit our special civic integration office hour.

Course material

In this course, the first half of the book Nederlands naar perfectie is covered. The course material is compulsory and must be purchased by the student.

  • Nederlands naar perfectie, 2015, 1st edition (Publisher: Coutinho)
    Emily Palmer, Miranda van 't Wout
    ISBN: 9789046904527
    Price: € 48.50

Along with this book you will receive an individual code for a website offering complementary exercises, spoken text fragments, movies and songs. You will need access to the website to be able to adequately participate in the course. The code can also be bought separately via the publisher Coutinho.

Where can I buy the book?

  • During registration for an on-site course in our course catalogue, you will then receive the book before or during your first lesson at the Language Centre.
  • At the Support Office of the Language Centre during opening hours, see here if and when the desk is open.
  • With your DUO-loan (for persons integrating) during registration for the course. In the case of online courses, you cannot select the book during registration. In that case, the Language Centre will send you an e-mail after registration, asking you if you want to purchase the book via your DUO-loan. Please do not buy the book yourself!
  • At your local bookstore, or online bookstores such as Coutinho and When buying a regular book online, please note the delivery time to ensure that you receive the book on time.

Student Discount Full
€ 575 € 735 € 790

Find an explanation of our rate categories here.

Paying with a DUO Loan

The Language Centre satisfies the Blik op Werk quality standard. This means that course participants who are obliged to participate in a civic integration programme can use their loan from the Education Executive Agency (DUO) to pay for their Dutch language course. The obligation to participate in a civic integration programme applies to all course participants who have not yet gained their civic integration certificate or passed the State Examination in Dutch as a Second Language.

If you have already passed the Inburgering A2 course or the State Examination for Programme I (B1) or II (B2), you no longer have this obligation and are thus not permitted to use a DUO loan for the course. If you want to use your DUO loan for the course, you should therefore not take any exams until after you have completed the course.

Schedule and registration

View the course schedule and registration information in our course catalogue:

Regular courses (7 or 13 weeks)
Intensive courses (2 weeks)

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