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Language courses Dutch General group courses

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Studyload:12 lessons of 1.5 (online) or 2 (on location) contact hours, in addition a total of around 30 hours of self-study
Audience:Participants who speak little or no Dutch.

Dutch is the language of instruction right from the start of the first lesson. The language courses concentrate on communication, and that means that the Dutch learnt is actively practised during class. Themes that will be dealt with include introducing yourself, ordering something in a café or restaurant, making an appointment, making suggestions, buying something at the market, asking the way and visiting the doctor or bike shop.

Your Level > Office Hour

If you are a UG student or staff member, you can simply sign up for the beginner’s level courses 0>A1 without attending an office hour first. Admission to all other courses is subject to either a recommendation obtained in an office hour or completion of a previous course. You will always be granted access to an intensive course at the recommended level. You can find all information about the reimbursement of the UG for UG-students, -postdocs and -PhDs' here. Students of the Hanze, Windesheim and PThU can also sign up for the beginner’s level courses 0>A1 without attending an office hour first.

All other interested students will always have to attend an office hour or be able to prove that you have completed a previous course. In addition, if you want to register for an intensive course your level recommendation must specifically state that you are admissible to an intensive course.

Schedule and registration


Student Discount Full
€ 250 € 360 € 390

Course Material

In this course, the first half of the book Nederlands in gang is covered.

  • Nederlands in gang (chapters 1-7)
    B. de Boer, M. van der Kamp, B. Lijmbach
    ISBN 9789046905609 (3rd edition)
    Price: € 42.95

The course material is compulsory and must be purchased by the student. For a number of courses on location, you can purchase the book directly upon registration; you will then receive the book before or during your first lesson from the Language Centre.

If you cannot select the book during registration, you must purchase the book yourself. The book is available at our Support Office during opening hours, check here if and when the desk is open. The book can also be purchased as an e-book or regular book at your local bookstore, or online bookstores such as Coutinho and When purchasing a regular book online, pay attention to the delivery time to ensure that you receive the book on time.

Along with this book you will receive an individual code for a website offering complementary exercises, spoken text fragments, movies and songs. This code is linked to your e-mail address. You will need access to the website to be able to adequately participate in the course. If you purchase a book from someone else, you will not be able to use his or her personal code and thus will not have access to the website. However, the codes can be bought separately via the publisher Coutinho.

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