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University of Groningen Library

University of Groningen Library

Lecture series: 'City & University'

University Library City Centre
23 January 2019
Jantina Tammes
Jantina Tammes

The University of Groningen (UG) is organising an interesting series of lectures in the University Library City Centre. Once a month between January and May 2019, a lecture will be held about a special UG professor or UG student and their ties with Groningen. Admission to the lectures is free and everyone is welcome. Note: the lectures are Dutch only.

This lecture series is part of the ‘City & University’ project, which aims to highlight the huge impact that the University and academic life have on the city of Groningen. The project is being carried out in association with De Verhalen van Groningen (Stories of Groningen).

Tuesday 29 January: Aletta Jacobs

In the first lecture of the series, Mineke Bosch will talk about Aletta Jacobs. If you have time, stay seated after the lecture, because the Centre for the History of Universities and Science has organized another lecture immediately afterwards about Professor of Genetics Jantina Tammes, a UG researcher who also features in the ‘City & University’ project.

The other lectures in the series are dedicated to:

  • economist Wim Duisenberg (26 February, Jonne Harmsma) liberal politician
  • Samuel van Houten (26 March, Dirk Jan Wolffram)
  • Ubbo Emmius and the birth of the university of Groningen (7 mei, Klaas van Berkel)
  • and lawyer Betsy Bakker-No rt (28 May, Mineke Bosch).

All the lectures will take place at: 4.30 p.m. Jantina Tammeszaal fourth floor of the University Library City Centre.

City & University

In 2018, the UG and De Verhalen van Groningen launched the ‘City & University’ project, which revolves around the history of the University and academic life in the city of Groningen. The ‘City & University’-themed guided tour of Groningen forms part of the project. The tour takes visitors past special locations in the city centre which serve as reminders of memorable professors or students with links to the UG. The launch of the guided tour coincided with the opening of a portrait gallery in the stairwell of the University Library. The portraits are of the people who feature in the lecture series.

The City & University project came about thanks to funding from the UG Representatiefonds and cooperation with De Verhalen van Groningen, the Groningen Archives, the University Museum and the University Library.

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