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Request, pick up, return

request, pick up, return of books


SmartCat allows you to see the exact location of any publication of the University Library. You do not need to login to SmartCat if you only wish to search. Requesting publications however requires a login. Students and staff use their P- or S-number to login. UG-external users, staff of the UMCG and users of the CMB (Central Medical Library) login with the 04-number on their library card.


Publications on open shelves
Publications on the open shelves in one of the reading rooms of the locations of the University Library can be personally collected from the shelves and borrowed through Selfservice.

Borrow a book

Publications from the closed stacks
Click the Reserve link for lendable copies. Fill in your library card number and password on the next screen. You may indicate which location you would like to pick up the book (Selfservice UB City Centre, UB Zernike or CMB). You will receive an e-mail when the publication is ready for collection. The publications will remain there for one week.

Borrow book from closed stacks

Note that some publications are stored externally. In such cases, the following notification will appear: UB repository/closed stacks Zernike repository; these publications will take a little longer to arrive at Selfservice.

Special Collections

Special Collections: Uklu
Most material in the special collections can be ordered through SmartCat. Exceptions include the personal bequests stored in the vault. These can be ordered at the service desk of the Special Collections department on the 3rd floor. A number of special manuscripts can only be consulted with permission from the curator.


The Arts collection includes a large collection of films on DVD, intended for teaching purposes at the Faculty of Arts. They are only accessible to students and staff of the Faculty of Arts. Use SmartCat to reserve a film from the collection.
N.B.: a DVD with request number DVD or VIDEO is another category; these can only be borrowed by UG-teachers, for use within the university.
Please take into account that it may take up to 3 hours before you can pick up the film at the Servicedesk

Pick up

You will receive an e-mail when the ordered publications are ready for collection from the Selfservice in the UB City Centre, the UB Zernike or the Central Medical Library. Waiting times may be different for books from different repositories.


Borrowed publications can be returned to the following locations:

  • all service desks of the Central Medical Library and Zernike Library and UL City Centre
  • the 24/7 Bookbox to the left of the disabled persons access of the UL City Centre, in the Poststraat
  • through Selfservice A (UB City Centre).

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