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The collection


The University Library has a solid and up-to-date collection of legal publications, aimed at supporting teaching and research within the Faculty of Law and updated on a monthly basis. The Law collection is situated on the third floor of the University Library City Centre.

The Law collection consists of:

  • Physical and digital books
    About private law, private international law, corporate law, social law, European law, criminal law, criminology, constitutional law, administrative law, public administration, international public law, fiscal law and legal theory.
  • Journals
    Current volumes of journals can be found on the first floor of the University Library, alphabetically arranged in the journal cabinets. Older volumes can be ordered through SmartCat.
  • Jurisprudence
    Dutch jurisprudence is published in specialized journals. This collection is included in the Library. Many electronic sources of jurisprudence are available alongside the printed versions.
  • Parliamentary Documents
    The University Library has a bound and stored collection of all printed documents and meeting minutes on important draft laws between 1970 and 2008, organized by Parliamentary Document number.

Compulsory literature

The compulsory and recommended course literature is purchased based on the information in Ocasys. Therefore, teachers do do not need to submit a separate request for these.

For questions about Ocasys, please contact your secretariat or the Ocasys coordinator.


The UB is very reluctant to purchase e-textbooks for use in education. The prices of e-textbooks are very high compared to other e-books and printed books and usage options are limited. In addition, it is often only suitable for a small group and for a limited duration.

Collection specialists provide support in finding readily usable alternatives to e-books available in our collections or in open access. Would you like to prescribe an e-book for your class? Please contact one of the collection specialists. They can inform you about the possibilities.

Other publications

Would you like to recommend a any other publication for inclusion in the library's collection? If so, please use the acquisition suggestion form.

Where can I find the publication I am looking for?

SmartCat shows all publications held by the University Library. Online publications are immediately accessible, printed material can be found on the open shelves or ordered through SmartCat.

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