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An Intercultural Communication training course can be fully adapted to your needs. Would you like to hear about other clients’ experiences? Here are a few examples of previously completed projects to give you an idea of what we can do for you.

Tilburg University

Tilburg University

Embedding intercultural training in a research trajectory

The first time submitting a bid for a tender! Tilburg University, in its mission to become an international campus that is a diverse, inclusive and safe environment for all students and staff, implemented a strategic trajectory in which not only did all staff members participate in a tailored intercultural competence training programme, but the Department of Social Psychology conducted empirical research on the effectiveness of the programme. We were honoured to win the tender and developed a programme based on the Tilburg University’s preferred cultural intelligence model of intercultural competence.

The training had to be sufficiently robust to address the common interests and needs of a broad range of functions, yet flexible enough to enable us to focus on the different interests between them without significantly changing the experimental condition. Covid-19 postponed delivery by a semester, and required us to shift the concept online. The delivery took place in two cohorts - the second cohort serving as control group for the first experimental cohort.

Evaluation indicated that the training was generally considered to be ‘informative, helpful, and fun’ despite the rapid shift to an online environment, and rated with an average of score of ⅘.

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'I’m more aware now that there is a context to each reply, which you always need to take into account. This training showed me that it's rewarding to dive into a cultural incident that might make you feel uncomfortable. You should go out and learn about other perspectives and viewing points.'
'I discovered through this training that intercultural awareness and competence is really fun to be occupied with, rather than awkward or difficult and that it is not as difficult and ambiguous as I thought it would be. These training sessions definitely sparked an interest with me to engage myself more with the topic!'


Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

Training course in Inclusive Leadership

The Ministry of Social Affairs took a tailor-made training course in Intercultural Competences for Inclusive Leadership. Inclusive leadership enables organizations to take full advantage of their diversity. Once a manager, advisor or staff member has intercultural competences, this opens up opportunities for inclusive leadership.

This six-month course trained the participants to develop their intercultural sensitivity, focusing particularly on links with diversity, equality, and inclusion. How can you create a safe environment where differences are accepted? How can you recognize that what you consider ‘normal’ may not be the same as everyone else’s ‘normal’? How can you become aware of the interaction between power and culture in the workplace?

This training course was offered as a pilot programme to 10 senior HR staff members and was awarded a score of 9.2. Following this successful pilot programme, a follow-up course for managers is currently being developed.

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‘This programme has helped me to ask – and to dare to ask – questions!’

‘The instructors were excellent, and there is room for personal learning questions and experiences. The programme is therefore not rigidly defined, which works very well.’

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