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Language Centre Complaints Procedure

The Language Centre aims to provide optimal service. Should you not be fully satisfied with any of the services provided by the Language Centre, however, please let us know.

What is a complaint understood to mean?

We understand a complaint to mean a written statement of dissatisfaction with a service or staff member of the Language Centre.

Discuss the Problem

Before using the general complaints procedure, we advise you to first discuss the problem with those directly involved. If your complaint involves the course content, for instance, this should be discussed with the lecturer. If you would like to change to another group, contact your lecturer or the Secretary's Office. In many cases, a solution will not be far away. Should you have a complaint about a correction or translation provided by the University Correction and Translation Service, we advise you to contact one of their staff first.


  • Register your complaint via the complaints form below.
  • Complaints cannot be lodged anonymously since both parties must be heard in order to satisfactorily solve a complaint.
  • Complaints must be lodged within a reasonable period of time and within a year at the latest.
  • Your complaint will be dealt with by the complaints committee, comprising the director and the section head relevant to your complaint.
  • Should your complaint concern the section head, the complaints committee will comprise the director and another section head. If your complaint concerns the director, the complaints committee will comprise two section heads.
  • You may perhaps be invited to further explain your complaint in person and to discuss possible solutions. If you follow the procedure as described above we will always attend to your complaint. You will receive an answer to your complaint within 20 working days.

Not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied by how your complaint has been dealt with by the Language Centre complaints committee, please consult one of the following:

We hope, however, to have been able to deal with the matter to your satisfaction at an earlier stage.

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