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08 August 2022

Would you like to learn a new language or improve your language skills for study, work, or simply because you enjoy it? As from September, you can take courses in 7 different modern foreign languages at the Language Centre! Check out the course range for the coming period below and sign up.

Arabic (registration closed)
0>pre A1, start: 26 September
A2>A2/B1, start: 27 September
0>pre A1, start: 28 September
A2>A2/B1, start: 27 September (registration closed)
A2/B1>B1, start: 27 September (registration closed)
B1>B1/B2, start: 28 September
Business German, start: 5 October
Italian (registration closed)
0>A1, start: 28 September
A1>A2, start: 26 September
A2>A2/B1, start: 26 September
Japanese (registration closed)
0>A1, start: 26 September
A1>A1/A2, start: 27 September
Russian (registration closed)
0>A1, start: 26 September
A1>A1/A2, start: 26 September
0>A1, start: 26 & 27 September (registration closed)
A1>A2, start: 27 September, 28 September, 14 November
Conversation course B1, start: 16 November
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