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New: Masterclasses for teachers

07 February 2020

Are you a language teacher and would you like to broaden your knowledge and skills? This year, the Language Centre is organizing three different masterclasses in teacher professionalization. During these masterclasses, you will work together in small groups on themes that are relevant to your daily practise. After following a masterclass, you will return to work with new insights and inspiration!

Anna Nysingh, head of the Dutch section: ‘Within the Language Centre, we possess an incredible amount of experience and knowledge in the area of language teaching in adult education. We would like to share this knowledge with other teachers, which led us to the idea of providing masterclasses. This year, we are offering various masterclasses, each with their own theme, through which teachers can raise the level of their teaching activities.’

Masterclasses in teacher professionalization
Masterclasses in teacher professionalization

The masterclasses will be held in Dutch. You can register for the following masterclasses:

  • Masterclass on Pronunciation in the NT2 Classroom (23 March & 6 April)
    You will learn about practical tips and tricks through which the Dutch pronunciation of NT2 course participants can be improved. This masterclass is intended for beginner and experienced NT2 teachers.
  • Masterclass on Extracurricular Learning (10 June)
    This masterclass examines the possibilities and obstacles of extracurricular learning. This masterclass is intended for beginner and experienced NT2 teachers.
  • Masterclass on Activating Modes of Instruction (7 October)
    In this masterclass, you will learn how to implement activating modes of instruction in the language-learning process. This masterclass is intended for beginner and experienced language teachers.

Would you like to sign up? If so, click on the link of the masterclass that you would like to attend!

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