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Apply for the Winter School on Intercultural Competence

Unleash the creative and innovative potential of cultural diversity!
19 October 2022
Winter School

Do you help others develop their intercultural competence? And do you want to further your ability to engage with cultural diversity in your classroom? Then the Winter School on Intercultural Competence is for you.

This Winter School is intended for professionals in the fields of intercultural competence development and internationalization. During one intensive training week, various questions will be addressed, such as: ‘How can I effectively structure my teaching to facilitate intercultural learning?’, ‘What kinds of participants can I encounter and how should I tailor my training to their needs?’ and ‘How do I deal with various kinds of resistance in a group?’.

With an emphasis on using developmental and constructivist approaches to intercultural learning, the offered programme will cover everything from communication and thinking styles to intercultural training methods and resources.

'This training course provided me with tools and concepts that I can use in my work to address intercultural competence among support staff and students, to become more culturally sensitive.'


If you are curious and wish to develop your ability to foster intercultural sensitivity in others, apply to the Winter School on Intercultural Competence!

The Winter School will take place from Monday 23 to Friday 27 January 2023. The application deadline is 5 December 2022.

'Deep conversations, storytelling, and listening to each other truly helps us to come to the core of things. I’ve acquired useful tools and knowledge that I can apply both in my personal and professional life.'
'I have learned that it is important to know where I am at regarding my own intercultural competence and to know what is possible to change, before reaching out and teaching others.'
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