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A diagnostic framework

Tailoring the implementation of digital business

Datum:15 juli 2021
This chapter proposes a diagnostic framework that guides managers to develop a situationally appropriate and tailored implementation strategy for digital business.
The Jury

First GDBC Thesis Award Digital Business very succesfull

Datum:02 juli 2021
First edition of the GDBC Thesis award Digital Business was a great succes.

Presentation of three finalists GDBC Thesis Award

Datum:21 juni 2021
The three finalists of the GDBC Digital Business Thesis Award. Hereby a short presentation of the three students who will present their outcomes thursday June 29.
Digital Transformation for Managers

Digital Transformation for Managers

Datum:21 juni 2021

Opportunities, Strategies, and Pitfalls 


Digital Business Thesis Award June 29th

Datum:08 juni 2021

GDBC Digital Business Thesis Award 2020 on June 29th at Van Swinderenhuys and online

FC Groningen Digital Business Challenge

Datum:22 april 2021

Are you eager to have an impact on the strategic choices of a professional organization? Would you like to work with an international and multidisciplinary team on a digital business challenge with different topics to choose from, be supported by business...

Pricing in the Digital Age

Pricing in the Digital Age

Datum:20 april 2021
Dynamic pricing and personalized pricing emerged as novel pricing approaches in the digital age; shifting to these novel pricing approaches can increase company profits by 3% to 25%. Dynamic pricing allows firms to smoothen demand and supply and to remain competitive facing price pressure.Personalized pricing enables companies to tap into consumers’ different willingness to pay. 

Digital Governance and Blockchain Technologies

Datum:02 maart 2021
Digital technologies are changing the business world at a rapid pace, bringing new challenges and opportunities for companies. This is especially true for blockchain technologies, which are increasingly being used to manage interorganizational transactions. Blockchains are distributed ledger technologies where data is replicated, shared, and synchronized over a network of computers without central servers.
Bas Baalmans, Gerben Dolsma (op scherm) en Rob Extercatte.

GDBC op zoek naar bedrijven die willen digitaliseren met project SLIMmer MKB

Datum:20 januari 2021
Het GDBC gaat samenwerken met twee bedrijven uit Assen en Hoogeveen om de digitale kennis bij MKB-bedrijven te vergroten
University of Groningen / GDBC

The Value of Being Different

Datum:27 november 2020
Auteur:Nicolai Fabian | Ph.D. Candidate
Paper on firm digital skills with a short video presentation as part of the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2020 proceedings. Based on data from job postings, we shed light on how the competitive environment influences the development of firm digital skills and their subsequent impact on firm performance. We also explore synergistic effects of digital skills and functional skills such as marketing or supply chain skills.