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Khoi Nguyen (left) and Thijs Broekhuizen

Do many ways lead to Rome? The different pathways to IT satisfaction and successful digital transformation

Datum:26 januari 2023
Digital transformation is crucial for organizations to stay relevant, but the road toward employee IT satisfaction and a subsequent successful digital transformation differs for the type of organization in question. That is what Thijs Broekhuizen, Associate Professor of Innovation Management & Strategy and Khoi Nguyen, who recently obtained his PhD at the Faculty of Economics and Business, have found. In this article, Broekhuizen and Nguyen elaborate on the outcomes of their study in collaboration with Anton Dijkhuis, owner of IT’S Teamwork and the developer of the BusinessITScan.

Entrepreneurial minded students wanted for workshop!

Datum:23 december 2022
During ESNS we organise a Co-Lab workshop on January 19 (10-12am) in Groningen Zernike Campus where as a single founder, founding team, or entrepreneurial minded student, you’ll get the tools and connections to find that new member of your dream team to help you reach the top!
Bas Baalmans, Thijs Broekhuizen (left), Jouke de Vries (center) and Nicolai Fabian (right)

GDBC presents book on Digital Transformation to the Board of the University of Groningen

Datum:22 december 2022
In this last week before the Christmas break, Bas Baalmans, Nicolai Fabian, and Thijs Broekhuizen presented GDBC's book 'Digital Transformation: A Guide for Managers' to Jouke de Vries, the President of the Board of the University of Groningen.
Digital Transformation: A Guide for Managers

GDBC publishes book ‘Digital Transformation: A Guide for Managers’

Datum:16 december 2022
One of the key objectives of the Groningen Digital Business Centre (GDBC) is to develop, share and transfer knowledge in the field of digital business and analytics. As such, the knowledge centre has made research in this field more accessible by publishing numerous papers on digital transformation since 2020 and making these widely available to the general public. The GDBC has now compiled these papers into a book: 'Digital Transformation: A Guide for Managers'. The PDF of the book is now available online.
Assistant professor Nicolai Fabian

The organizational implications of digital transformation

Datum:27 oktober 2022
Nicolai Fabian, Assistant Professor of Information Systems at FEB, finds it fascinating how organizations adopt technologies and manage the process of change. After Covid 19 hit us, that becoming more digital is vital for companies is nothing new. In his PhD thesis, which he will defend on 31 October, Fabian sheds light on the implications of digital transformation for organizations, with focus on small to medium enterprises (SME) in the third chapter.
The students  Sara Barisone, Carlos Pagnoncelli, Alex Stimac, Dania Baciu and Hailey Chan during their time in Hamburg.

GDBC and University of Hamburg again in joined thesis project

Datum:17 oktober 2022
GDBC and the University of Hamburg have recently finished their project, for the second time in line. In this thesis groups, students from Groningen and Hamburg work on a research project in the area of digital marketing
The winners of the GDBC Thesis Awards Digital Business 2022: Zoë Zwarts (left), Chris Remijn (centre) and Dylan Meyer (right)  (photo: Hester Huizinga)

Presentation GDBC Thesis Awards Digital Business 2022

Datum:10 oktober 2022
The GDBC Thesis Awards Digital Business 2022 were presented on Friday the 7th of October. This second edition of the Digital Business Awards was once again a great success. Three young talented alumni of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) were selected to present their thesis topics and outcomes to an expert jury and audience. Chris Remijn was awarded the first prize, Zoë Zwarts received the second prize and Dylan Meyer won the third prize.
Eelko Huizingh

'Meer verkopen? Maak je product slimmer'

Datum:29 september 2022
Producten worden steeds slimmer. Wasdrogers gaan door tot het wasgoed kastdroog is, lampen gaan uit zichzelf aan als je een kamer binnenkomt en ruitenwissers als het begint te regenen. Dit soort vernieuwingen vergroten de marktkansen van je product, zegt innovatie-expert Eelko Huizingh.
GroUp Student Challenge 2022 Sweden

GroUp Student Challenge 2022 Sweden

Datum:27 september 2022
Do you or your friends find it difficult to decide what you want to do after graduation?And are you interested to co-create the future of how European students will be supported in their search for the right path in one of the coolest cities in Europe? Come and join students from different faculties of the University of Groningen and of Uppsala University (Sweden) as well as experienced international organisations from The Netherlands and Sweden.
GDBC Thesis Award Digital Business

2e GDBC Thesis Award Digital Business 7 oktober 2022

Datum:24 augustus 2022
Auteur:drs. ing. Bas Baalmans
De uitreking van de 2e GDBC Thesis Award Digital Business staat 7 oktober op het programma. Drie jonge studenten (Zoë Zwarts, Dylan Meyer en Chris Remijn) zijn geselecteerd om aanstaande vrijdag 7 oktober hun thesisonderwerpen en uitkomsten te presenteren in Kinepolis, de bioscoop bij de Euroborg. In de tijd dat de jury zich beraadt zal Ruben Haring, co-eigenaar van Let's get Digital, de aanwezigen trakteren op zijn verhaal over digitaal ondernemen in het algemeen en zijn bedrijf in het bijzonder. De voetbalwedstrijd FC Groningen - RKC zal het slotstuk van het programma zijn.