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Groningen Digital Business Centre

Faculty of Economics and Business
Groningen Digital Business CentreThe 4 pillars of the GDBC


between students and digital companies

Internships, consultancy assignments & learning communities

The Groningen Digital Business Centre aims to put talented students in touch with Northern companies in the digital sector. We do this in several different ways, depending on the needs of each student and company. For example, we:

  • create internships for our students in collaboration with online companies in the Northern Netherlands. These internships enable students to gain experience in digital business, while enabling companies to benefit from the students’ academic knowledge;
  • create student consultancy assignments from within the Groningen Digital Business Centre. Companies with digital questions can hire GDBC student consultants to apply their academic knowledge to the practical context of solving these questions. This enables companies to have their questions thoroughly investigated at relatively low costs, and students to apply their academic knowledge to practical situations and thus gain experience in digital business. Interested students can contact the Career Services department;
  • develop ‘learning communities’, in which students and lecturers can exchange knowledge and expertise by completing assignments together. Staff members of companies in the Northern Netherlands can also participate in a learning community. In such cases, students can discuss their knowledge with the companies and jointly examine possible practical applications. The learning communities thus form an educational and social setting that furthers the ties between students, lecturers and companies, and promotes the exchange of knowledge and skills. Most learning communities run for one semester. A number of UG learning communities were brought under the umbrella of the GDBC in February 2018:
  • Programming in R
  • Agile Project Management Tools
  • Big Data
  • Programming in Python
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Block Chain
  • Insight in the International North: Digital Mapping

    Students or companies who are interested in participating in a learning community can contact Marjan van Ittersum (Learning Communities project leader): .

Project Team
Wijnand Aalderink (vz)
Nienke van den Berg
Marjan van Ittersum
Maarten Gijsenberg
Egon Berkhout
Stuart Zhu
Lara Lobschat
Marja Doedens (NOO)
Bas Baalmans


Marug partnership

Collaboration with Career Services

Samenwerking Noord Partnership

Collaboration with CIC

Collaboration with Industry Relations

Collaboration with Careers Week

Integration of learning communities under the umbrella of the GDBC:
Block Chain (lecturer: Hans Wortmann)
Lean Six Sigma (lecturer: Bas Baalmans)
Basic Programming in Python (lecturer: Nick Szirbik)
Insight in the International North; Digital Mapping (lecturer: Maryse Brand)

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