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Groningen Digital Business Centre

Faculty of Economics and Business
About GDBC

About GDBC

GDBC was established for a very simple reason: Groningen is one of the most important IT cities in the Netherlands, with a variety of innovative start-ups that have grown into major companies. In addition, internet giants such as Google and IBM have recently been settling in the Northern Netherlands, generating an urgent demand for academically trained experts in the field of digital science and big data.

The Groningen Digital Business Centre responds to this demand. The Centre develops training opportunities and makes research capacity available. Students are given the opportunity to do their internships at prominent digital companies and conduct research using the great amount of data that these companies make available. In return, the digital entrepreneurs benefit from the academic knowledge available at the University of Groningen. To ensure that the teaching offered continues to dovetail with the demand from the market, we continually evaluate the GDBC curriculum based on the changes that take place in the market, using universities abroad as benchmarks.

The GDBC distinguishes itself by its unique combination of knowledge: the academic and business knowledge of the Faculty of Economics and Business, the practical knowledge and issues available within the Northern digital companies, and the analytical and engineering knowledge that the Faculty of Science & Engineering has. The various parties involved are working together on achieving the following four ambitions:

  1. Establishing a knowledge platform ;
  2. Matchmaking between Northern digital SMEs and students;
  3. Establishing a multidisciplinary curriculum;
  4. Establishing a multidisciplinary, practically driven research agenda .

GDBC Programme

GDBC Steering Group GDBC Advisory Board
Prof. Dr. Jan Riezebos, professor at the University of Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business, scientific director Career Services and Corporate Onno Benninga, Google Manager
Marco de Jong, chairman Northern Online Entrepreneurs,  Wijnand Jongen, CEO,
Prof. Dr. Jos Roerdink, professor at the University of Groningen Faculty of Science and Engineering Prof. Dr. Alexander Rinnooy Kan, professor at the University of Amsterdam, 
Drs. Ingemarie Kroesen, University of Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business, Communication Prof. Dr. Iris Vis, professor and dean of Industry Relations University of Groningen
Fred Hassert, chairman Cooperation North,  Jeroen Doorenbos, entrepeneur, Belsimpel, 
Dr. Frank Blaauw, University of Groningen Faculty Science and Engineering   Marco de Jong, chairman Northern Online Entrepreneurs, 
Wietske Degen Msc, University of Groningen Industry Relations Zeger Baelde, Managing Director RDW,

GDBC Director: Prof. Dr. Tammo Bijmolt: professor at the University of Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business and director of GDBC
Managing Director: Drs. Ing. Bas Baalmans
Marketing: Olga Hesling
Finance: Miranda Ruiter
Prof. P.K. Kannan

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