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Third GDBC Thesis Award again very succesfull

Datum:13 december 2023
The winners
The winners

The third Thesis Award Digital Business, again organised by GDBC and UEF, was a successful event, with interesting outcomes. Congratulations to Fabia Höhne Tarragona for winning the first prize (2000 euros), a fine achievement. Also, congratulations to Hilda Lockhorn and Rutger Bijl for achieving the second and third places, respectively. Rutger Bijl (traveling in South America) was represented by his study mate and current colleague Sven Markus. The composition of the jury, with representatives from different sectors such as Tammo Bijmolt (chairman and director of GDBC), David Langley (Faculty of Economics and Business), Natasha Maurits (UMCG), Geertje Dam (digital entrepreneur), and Robert Smit (province of Groningen), underscored the interdisciplinary nature of this award. Their expertise from both the academic world as well as businesses and organizations contributes to a balanced and knowledgeable assessment of the submissions.

The presentation by Gert Jan Mellema, director of IT company Nexler, during the jury's deliberation, was a valuable addition to the program. His experiences and insights offered a practical perspective on the themes discussed during the event.

The topics of the theses - artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and the legal implications of the contemporary trend of renting or using goods instead of purchasing - are highly relevant in the current digital and business environment. These subjects reflect the rapidly changing nature of technology and its impact on both the economy and society.

The event was an excellent opportunity for people from RUG, entrepreneurs, employees of larger organizations, and students to share knowledge, form networks, and learn about the latest developments in digital business operations. The success of the participants and the quality of the presentations and discussions emphasize the importance of such initiatives in promoting innovation and collaboration between academia and industry. After the award ceremony, a delicious stamppot buffet was ready, and there was also the opportunity to attend the basketball game Donar – Leeuwarden.

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Hilda, Fabia and Sven
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The Jury
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The winner
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The game