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Bibliometric and academic impact analyses

Bibliometrics is the quantitative analysis of scientific output, scientific impact, or scientific collaboration. Information on these is provided through quantitative bibliometric indicators.

Bibliometrics analysis is used in research performance evaluation by a wide range of end-users – such as PhD candidates, researchers, research directors and administrators, as well as university policymakers – to build research profiles and identify important patterns and trends within their domains of interest.

Due to limitations associated with bibliometrics, these measures should always be used in conjunction with qualitative evidence such as peer review to ensure the most complete and accurate input in answering a question.

We can help you with creating research performance reports for the UG research community, for different levels of analysis. For help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Research impact support: researchimpact

Shaya Abdolahzadeh (academic impact): +31 50 36 33037

Ana Ranitovic (societal impact): +31 6 1859 8340

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