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English academic writing skills

3 or 7 weeks
Studyload and participant expectations:

6 x 2 contact hours; 4 hours of independent study per week; at least 4 peer review and teacher-review sessions, 1 15-minute individual conference with the teacher. Requirements include 75% attendance; peer review work; complete draft version of 1200-word paper; individual conference; and final 1200-word paper.


This course is intended for participants who are to write well-structured study-related texts, although mistakes that do not affect understanding may still be made.

Course Description

This English academic writing course will focus on academic writing and, in particular, writing papers in English. Attention will be paid to writing conventions and processes, sentence and paragraph structure, and appropriate language use. By the end of this course, you should be able to be more flexible in creating a proper essay with the ability to recognize and work on proper structures.

During the course, you will apply writing principles to texts you produce yourself, and your classmates and instructor will provide feedback on these texts. You will also be expected to apply these writing principles to a 1200-word essay on a subject of your choice; the final version of this essay will be due at the end of the course.

The four requirements of this course for a participation certificate include at least 75% attendance, a benchmark essay, a draft version of the 1200-word paper, the individual conference meeting, and the final version of the 1200-word paper.

Check your writing level

We would like you to write a text of approximately 400 words explaining your research topic to a general audience. This way, we can determine if this course is given at an appropriate level for you. Upload your text of approximately 400 words here.

Schedule and registration

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Go to our course catalogue to view the schedule and register.

Course Material

No materials are required for this course, you will be using online course material in Brightspace, the online learning environment of the University of Groningen.

Attendance Certificate

At the end of the course, every participant will receive an attendance certificate on condition that they have participated in 75% of the lessons and feedback sessions and have completed the four requirements of the course.

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