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Centre for Energy Business and Economics Research
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Centre for Energy Business and Economics Research
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CEER Special seminar with Prof. Richard Green (Imperial College London) on Economics of Electricity Storage

Datum:20 september 2017

Seminar has been cancelled. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Date of the event: Thursday October 5th, 2017

Time: 11:00 – 12:00h

Location: Zernike Campus, Kapteynborg building - room 5419.0009

The costs of renewable energy from wind and solar power are falling, and their share of the European energy mix is rising to the point where the intermittency of their output makes it harder to balance demand and generation (which must happen on a second-by-second basis, as electricity cannot be “held in inventory”).  One of the solutions to this is electricity storage, and the costs of batteries are also falling dramatically.  This talk will present the overall context and discuss ongoing research into the impact of large-scale storage on electricity markets.

Prof. Richard Green is the Alan and Sabine Howard Professor of Sustainable Energy Business.  An economist, he is Head of the Department of Management.  He was previously Professor of Energy Economics and Director of the Institute for Energy Research and Policy at the University of Birmingham, and Professor of Economics at the University of Hull.  He started his career at the Department of Applied Economics and Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.  He has spent time on secondment to the Office of Electricity Regulation and has held visiting appointments at the World Bank, the University of California Energy Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

He has been studying the economics and regulation of the electricity industry for over 25 years.  He has written extensively on market power in wholesale electricity markets and has also worked on transmission pricing.  More recently, the main focus of his work has been on the impact of low-carbon generation (nuclear and renewables) and energy storage on the electricity market, and the business and policy implications of this.

He was the 2016 Chair of the British Institute for Energy Economics.

He is a member of the team that produces Electric Insights, independent of but financed by Drax Group plc

No registration is needed! All Master and PhD. students interested in energy education are welcome!