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EBF Conference 2017 – College Day: Energy in Transition

Datum:15 september 2017

Date of the event: Thursday October 5th, 2017

Time: 13:00 – 17:45h

Location: Energy Academy Building (Zernike Campus), Main Lecture Hall 5159.0029


The energy industry finds itself at the beginning of a long journey of dramatic change. How can companies make the difficult transition towards more sustainable sources of energy without completely losing the value of these earlier investments? How can public policy be a factor in facilitating the transition and which innovation is needed to accelerate the process? Learn the answers at this College Day of the EBF Conference, a cooperation of EBF and Energy Academy Europe.

As society is increasingly demanding for cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy, the energy industry finds itself at the beginning of a structural change. While the incumbent energy companies take up the challenge to develop new business models and try to keep up with the pace of change, new start-ups disrupt the status quo of the industry with innovative technologies.

In the Netherlands, six major electricity generating companies account for 25% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. As a result of public pressure, these companies are increasingly investing in sustainable energy solutions to reduce their negative footprint on the environment. However, having previously invested in a development of fossil fuel infrastructure, such decision is likely to have significant implications for the strategy of these companies. Therefore, you may wonder, how can incumbent energy companies adapt their business models without completely losing the value of their earlier investments; or how can public policy be a factor in facilitating innovation, which is needed to accelerate the energy transition?

Find out answers to these and other questions during a series of lectures organized jointly by EBF, Energy Academy Europe (EAE) and CEER. Three experts from across different disciplines will each share their view on the above topic. The list of speakers includes:

  • Machiel Mulder, Professor of Regulation of Energy Markets and Director, Centre for Energy Economics Research (CEER)
  • Arnold Mulder, Associate Director Sustainability Advisory
  • Ron Wit, Director Corporate Strategy at Eneco

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