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Useful lessons for hydrogen policy from transitions in agriculture and other sectors

Datum:26 januari 2021
CEER policy paper 9
CEER policy paper 9

When setting up the policy to realize the transition in the energy supply to hydrogen, useful lessons can be drawn from previous transitions in other sectors, such as in the natural gas sector, agriculture, housing and the electricity sector. These lessons mainly relate to the design of financial support and the safeguarding of public interests. These are the conclusions of Daan Hulshof, Machiel Mulder and Peter Perey of the Center for Energy Economics Research (CEER) of the University of Groningen in their research into the lessons that can be learned from the transitions that have taken place in agriculture, gas and electricity sector and housing construction over the past decades.

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Daan Hulshof, Machiel Mulder en Peter Perey (2021). Giving hydrogen a jump start; lessons learned from Dutch policies in other industries. CEER Policy Paper 9.