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Exam training for proficiency test or general knowledge and skills test (AKV) for doctors and dentists

This course will prepare you for the proficiency test or the general knowledge and skills test (AKV) developed by the University of Groningen’s Language Centre. Using a popular scientific medical article as a starting point, you will be assessed on how you express and talk about the main ideas, how you give a presentation, how you conduct a conversation with a patient and how you write a report.

We would like to emphasize that the aim of this course is not to increase your language level. It is therefore important that you have already achieved B2/C1 level before starting this course.

Duration and study load

Duration: Three 2-hour sessions
Study load: 6 contact hours + around 12 hours of self-study (4 hours per session)
Audience: Non-Dutch-speaking doctors and dentists with B2/C1 proficiency level

In the three sessions, you will work through three practice tests. You will prepare for the tests at home. During the sessions, you will practice the various sections of the proficiency test/general knowledge and skills test (AKV). You will receive extensive feedback on the various sections. The teacher will record you and send you those recordings after the session.


If you are interested in taking this course, please contact the Language Centre to organize an intake interview. During the intake interview, we will assess whether your language level matches that of the course. After the preliminary intake interview, we will provide you with a clear offer for an individual course.

Information about the proficiency test/general knowledge and skills test (AKV)

More information about the BIG register and international diplomas can be found at: .

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