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Communication training Intercultural Communication Training Overview

Intercultural Awareness

Building an Inclusive Environment

Duration: 14 contact hours in 7 weeks through the semester (start week 4 of block 1/3, ends after week 3 of block 2/4).
Studyload: 2 classroom hours and 2 hours of independent study each week.
Audience: Board members and active committee members in study and student associations at the University of Groningen.

'Studying and working in an international environment allows us to greet, appreciate and occasionally clash with other cultures. An inclusive, international student association is the ultimate way to learn from other cultures and to enrich our own perspectives on both work and study'

- Anton Wuis, former Chairman of Clio, Study Association of International Relations & International Organization, University of Groningen.

Building an inclusive international student/study association

Are you interested in sharing best practices on building an inclusive international student/study association while also developing intercultural competence – a competence vital not only for our University, but also beyond? In the University, the number of international students is growing and the balance between Dutch and non-Dutch students is rapidly changing. Student associations play a vital role in Groningen student life within degree programs, within faculties and in the university as a whole. How can you create a more inclusive environment in these associations?

Beyond the University, in today’s globalized world, interaction with people is characterized by an intercultural nature. Intercultural competence is seen as key to employability as workforces become increasingly international, mobile and technology cuts across boundaries. This competence has been identified as one of the top 10 work skills needed for the workforce of 2020 alongside skills such as sense-making, social intelligence, adaptive thinking, new media literacy, transdisciplinarity, and design mindset. Intercultural competence entails being able to recognize cultural variables, to understand how these variables influence interaction and maximizing that knowledge to minimize misunderstanding.

This course provides you the knowledge and skills to practice and develop intercultural competence as relevant to international association.






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Student Discount Full
€ 150 € 225 € 250

Min & Max numbers

The minimum number of participants per group is 14; the maximum number of participants per group is 16. Once a group is full you will be placed on the waitlist for a new group. Placement in a group is on a first come, first serve basis, under the condition that you meet the audience specification.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction during the courses will be English.

Course Material - Nestor

You will be using online course material in Nestor, the blackboard learning environment of the University of Groningen.

On Demand/Tailor-made Training

Standard courses for Students, Teachers, Staff and Professionals. with Open Registration courses are those that are planned (generally once a semester) and for which you can register directly online.

We can also fully develop a new course to your specifications, or we can adapt an existing course to your situation. On Demand or Tailor-made courses in Intercultural Competence can be given as one-to-one courses, for small groups or for entire organizations. They can be given in the form of presentations, short workshops, longer trainings or competence development trajectories. More information on On Demand and tailor-made courses

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