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Crossing Borders 2 (CB2)

Maximizing Intercultural Competence while Abroad (online)
Duration:28 contact hours in 14 weeks across the first (or second) block of every semester.
Studyload:2 classroom hours and 2 hours of independent study each week.
Audience:Participants are those who are abroad, either professionally or for their study.

'I choose to live a long way from
the place where I was born,
the country in which I (grew),
and the land to which my face and blood assign me

on to a distant island

where I can't read any of the signs and
will never be accepted as even a partial native.'

- Pico Iyer The Global Soul

For whom?

Crossing Borders 2: Maximizing Intercultural Competence While Abroad is for participants who are abroad. It is offered as a series of online, interactive seminars. This course is focused on further developing your intercultural competence though each participant will be implementing these skills in the specific culture of the country where they are abroad.

It is also possible to follow Crossing Borders 2 without having followed Crossing Borders 1. Each course is a stand-alone module.


Course Period Day Time Registration
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Course (duration) Student Discount Full
CB2 (28 hours) € 115 n.a. n.a.
Mandatory Cultural Detective online account (€ 35 for one month)

Using a Cultural Detective account in the course

Cultural Detective is a tool that develops intercultural competence while exploring culture-specific differences. The ‘process’ nature of the tool allows for ongoing use, continuous competence improvement, and, most critically, helps prevent stereotyping and encourages meaningful dialogue.

An account allows you access to the Cultural Detective material for one month (€ 35).

Min & Max numbers

The minimum number of participants per group is 16; the maximum number of participants per group is 24. Once a group is full you will be placed on the waitlist for a new group. Placement in a group is on a first come, first serve basis, under the condition that you meet the audience specification.

Also available in the form of a series of individual coaching sessions.

Language of Instruction               

The language of instruction during the courses will be English.

Course Material

  • Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication: Selected Readings
    2nd Ed, 2013 version
    ISBN 9780983955849
    Publisher: Intercultural Press
    Price: approximately € 35

The book is not available at the Language Centre. The book is not included in the course fee. It can be purchased on or


You will also be using online course material in Nestor, the blackboard learning environment of the University of Groningen.

On Demand/Tailor-made Training

Standard courses for Students, Teachers, Staff and Professionals. with Open Registration courses are those that are planned (generally once a semester) and for which you can register directly online.

We can also fully develop a new course to your specifications, or we can adapt an existing course to your situation. On Demand or Tailor-made courses in Intercultural Competence can be given as one-to-one courses, for small groups or for entire organizations. They can be given in the form of presentations, short workshops, longer trainings or competence development trajectories. More information on On Demand and tailor-made courses

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