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Crossing Borders

Studying abroad: a new adventure!
CB series

Our Crossing Borders courses are online courses open to any student interested in study abroad. They help you to work purposefully in developing your intercultural competences both before and while abroad, increase your effectiveness as a student while abroad, enrich and deepen your learning experience there and enable you to function better in any international environment.

The Crossing Borders Series

The Crossing Borders series is a set of three separate but complementary online courses open to any student taking part in a study abroad programme. This series of courses consists of:

  • a pre-departure course to follow before leaving home (CB1),
  • a course to follow once you are abroad (CB2),
  • a re-entry course to follow when you return (CB3).

You can register for the separate courses via the links above. Would you like to follow the whole series? Register here at a reduced rate.

Learning path

All Crossing Borders courses are individual trajectories; in other words, they are self-guided learning paths. Although they are set up to be followed within a rough amount of time, you can proceed at your own pace.

Each CB1-3 course stands alone. What this means is that each course can be followed separately, without any prerequisites or necessary follow-up. In other words, you do not need to have completed the pre-departure course before being able to follow the course while abroad. Together, the three courses form a structural whole.

At the end, you can choose to obtain a ‘Certificate of achievement’ to demonstrate that you have participated in the course.


What inspires you to go and study abroad and why this course? Have a look at what those who have gone before you have said.

Why Study Abroad?

“I'm really interested in learning how to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds and to reflect on my own behaviour.”

“I would like to gain more understanding of different cultures and to develop my own cultural competences, which will help me to fit within any international community.”

Why This Course?

“Once I got to Singapore (for my internship), I realised I really should have had a better understanding of hierarchy (and my own response to it). I’m a bit embarrassed, looking back, at how I misinterpreted my boss.”

“As an LLB student who is contemplating an international future, gaining knowledge about various cultures is highly important. This course allows me to understand the power of intercultural differences.”

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