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Paragraph Unity

Everyone knows how to write a paragraph, correct? But, are your paragraphs as effective as they could be? This short video will briefly highlight the essential aspects of a coherent paragraph.

Read Enough?  

"I have spent the last month thoroughly researching the background to my paper. At this point, I have gathered enough information to start with the actual writing aspect. This is easier said than done. Sometimes I cannot see the wood for the trees any more, though. Yesterday, I stumbled upon this helpful site. I now know how to start".

Neither Head Nor Tail?

"I had written an essay for one of my classes. While the lecturer was quite impressed with the content of the essay, she still assessed it with a low grade; she felt the essay was very chaotic and claimed she had difficulties following my train of thought. On the website How to Organize my Research , I found excellent information on how I can deal with this problem".

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