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Communication training Academic Communication Skills

About this portal

Welcome to the online portal for Academic Communication Skills! You can use this portal to practise and improve your academic communication skills, which include productive skills such as writing and presenting at academic level.

During your studies, you will have to write essays, research reports and theses, and give presentations on a variety of subjects, possibly in another language than your own.

This may not be easy, since there are many issues that must be addressed, such as structuring information, drafting a thesis proposal, building a logical argument, writing a paper or presenting a research proposal. This portal has been created to guide you in these matters.

The basics of academic writing and presenting are summarized here. There are also references to various selected sources in English and Dutch (HACV: Handboek Academische Communicatieve Vaardigheden, Manual for Academic Communication Skills). In the menu you will find a list of courses and workshops that you can follow to improve your academic communication skills.

Last modified:15 February 2021 4.09 p.m.
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