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Co-creation and cooperation with organisations

In cooperation with, in particular, organisations in the northern part of the Netherlands we aim to gain a better understanding of the role of creativity in organisations. Would you like to benefit from our skills and expertise and get more out of the creativity of your staff?

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Current research

Our team has kickstarted a number of research projects relating to various creativity issues already. You can participate in one or several of the following projects and use the ensuing results for your own organisation.

Gerben Tolkamp
Gerben Tolkamp

1.   Individual creativity within organisations

How do you induce creative working behaviour? Should creative staff be left alone and given a large amount of freedom or is it better to put pressure on them and set high demands? PhD student Gerben Tolkamp will try to find answers to these questions.

Suqing Wu
Suqing Wu

2.   Creativity in teams              

Research has shown that conflict can have positive effects on creativity within teams. Different research has shown, however, that cooperation is vital for a team to achieve creative performance. How can productive conflict be promoted without undermining cooperation? In the context of her PhD research Suqing Wu is dealing with these issues.

3.   From creativity to innovation

It takes a long time to get from a good idea to valuable innovation. Stakeholders are to be convinced, investments are required, prototypes must be developed, etc. What factors determine whether creativity in an organisation actually leads to innovation? How can it be more or less assessed beforehand? Two postdoctoral researchers will be assigned to this project.

Bernard Nijstad
Bernard Nijstad

4.   A system approach of creativity

Individuals work in teams or departments, teams operate within an organisational structure. How do these different levels affect each other? For example, how does competitive pressure translate into the way in which individuals perform or cooperate? And why does one organisation benefit more from the creativity of workers than another? Project manager Bernard Nijstad is working on these questions.

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