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Digital Business Models and Platforms

Datum:03 januari 2022
Digital Business Models and Platforms
Digital Business Models and Platforms

P.K. Kannan and Simratpal Singh 

Introduction video

This chapter illustrates the role of digital technologies in the evolving digital environment and the new business models that are being created in that environment as new digital technologies emerge. The chapter describes the evolution of different types of platform models including search engine platforms, social media and chat platforms and e-commerce platforms and how businesses can use these models to their advantage.

The chapter also discusses metaverse as a new form of platform model. The chapter outlines how the notion of product is servicitized through digital services. This opens up opportunities for IoT models through networked services and rental models. The development in pricing models is explored through a discussion of freemium models and subscription models. The chapter then provides pointers for businesses seeking to adopt these models.

Download the chapter here