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Customer Insights Center (RUGCIC)
Faculty of Economics and Business
Customer Insights Center (RUGCIC) Student Talent

I am looking for an internship

Students working for the Customer Insights Centre

Gaining professional work experience via an internship is exactly what sets you apart from many other students. Why wouldn't you want to enrich your experience at a well-known company from the list below?

Entry requirements for an internship via CIC

The Customer Insights Center (RUGCIC) offers top-class internships that are not available through the regular channels. Most often you can decide for yourself how many days per week you want to work, where you work and which topic you will research. To qualify for an internship via CIC, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You have an above-average organisational talent and can demonstrate this with experience in a board, committee and/or job.
  • You are reliable and responsible and always keep your promises.
  • You have both the time and the motivation.

Do you meet all those requirements?

Then select a maximum of three companies below for a potential internship and send a your resume together with a cover letter per company to We will invite you for a short interview. If we are impressed, we will send your application to the responsible manager at the company. This means your application won’t end up at the bottom of a stack, but that you actually stand a chance of getting the internship. If the company thinks you are a good fit, they will contact you directly for an interview. Why not try it?


We will offer new internships in June. When they are available, they can be found below.


Look at the internship vacancies on and look at the company members and read into which company would have your preference.
Before the 23rd of November
Send to
1. Your CV
2. Grade overview of Progress
3. A top 3 of preferred companies (Dutch or English)
28th of November
We will let you know via e-mail if you have been selected for an interview with the CIC
30 November - 4th of December
Interviews of the CIC with selected students will take place.
Before the 10th of December
Selected students will be informed that their CV is forwarded to their companies of preference (max 3). Companies receive a maximum of 3 students CV's per vacancy.
Companies take it from here: they decide if they will contact you for the vacancy.

The deadline for registering for an internship has passed. Currently there are no new vacancies available. In June 2024 new vacancies will be posted on the website.

Members RUGCIC
Members RUGCIC
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