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Customer Insights Center (RUGCIC)

Faculty of Economics and Business


Which people work at the Customer Insights Center?

Many are in this picture, though the complete overview can be found below.

RUGCIC staff

Agachi, E. (Elena), MSc+31 50 36 37065
Albalooshi, dr. S.A.E.G. (Sumaya)+31 50 36 33648My research explores the psychological consequences of inequitable wealth distribution (unevenly distributed wealth within a population) and their impact on consumers' decision making. With this line of research, my aim is to (1) further our understanding of the negative consequences of economic inequality on societally relevant outcomes, which has policy implications and enables researchers to develop relevant interventions, and (2) demonstrate how a macroeconomic condition can interact with sociological and psychological variables to predict consumer behavior. 
Alsem, dr. K.J. (Karel Jan)+31 50 36 33686 Branding, Marketing Communication, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Planning, Marketing for care organizations
Balleyer, A., MSc+31 50 36 37065
Beke, dr. F.T. (Frank)+31 50 36 37065Information Privacy, Customer-Relationship Management, Marketing
Berger, dr. J. (Hans)+31 50 36 33249Strategic marketing planning, Governance of buyer-supplier relationships, Interfirm absorptive capacity
Bharti, dr. M. (Mehak)+31 50 36 37065
Bijmolt, prof. dr. T.H.A. (Tammo)+31 50 36 37319
Bolderdijk, dr. J.W. (Jan Willem)+31 50 36 39086 Consumer Behavior, Decision making, Social Marketing, Sustainability
Bouma, dr. J.T.+31 50 36 35285Marketing, Finance, HRM and ICT, summarized in one word: Entrepreneurship
Bruggeman, M.B.J., MSc+31 50 36 37065
Doorn, prof. dr. J. (Jenny) van+31 50 36 33657 service technology, robotics, customer engagement, sustainability, food waste 
Eck, dr. P.S. (Peter) van+31 50 36 33686
Eggers, dr. F. (Felix)+31 50 36 37065Preference Measurement 
Conjoint Analysis 
Choice Experiments
Experimental Designs
Choice Modeling
Fabian, N.E. (Nicolai), MSc+31 50 36 37065Digital Transformation, Digital Business Models, Digital Innovation
Fennis, prof. dr. B.M. (Bob)+31 50 36 39365 Consumer psychology, persuasion, unconscious influence, consumer self-regulation, nudging and heuristics, consumer health and well-being, food-related decision making.

I am deeply fascinated by what you could label "Hidden Persuasion": how subtle (and not so subtle) marketing cues influence consumers in their emotions, thoughts and behavior, frequently without them being aware of this influence. The results of this research can aid in empowering consumers and foster health and wellbeing. Please see the research page for an overview of published work in these areas
Gijsenberg, dr. ir. M.J. (Maarten)+31 50 36 38249 Marketing mix effectiveness (Advertising, Price), Marketing in times of crisis, Marketing dynamics, Marketing decisions
Groot, dr. J.I.M. de+31 50 36 37065Researcher in the area of sustainable behaviour change and consumer behaviour.
Haan, dr. E. (Evert) de+31 50 36 32802Digital marketing, marketing attribution, ad blocking, (online) customer journey, (online) advertising, mobile marketing, customer relationship management, customer feedback metrics, text mining
Hars, R.P. (Roelof), MA MSc+31 50 36 37065Marketing, CRM, Churngedrag
Heide, M.T. (Martine) van der, MSc+31 50 36 36632 Consumer behavior and particularly the impact of (sometimes conflicting) goals such as health and convenience on food consumption

Prosocial behavior such as volunteering and charity donations

Psychological entitlement

Experimental research

Multivariate data analysis
Hidding, J.J. (Jasper), MSc+31 50 36 37065
Hoekstra, dr. J.C. (Janny)+31 50 36 33651 Customer relationship management; Customer orientation; Direct marketing.
Hoffmann, T. (Tabea), MSc+31 50 36 37065
Holthöwer, J. (Jana), MSc+31 50 36 37065Consumer behavior, service technology, robotics, human-robot interaction, experimental research
Ittersum, prof. dr. ir. K. (Koert) van+31 50 36 36639 Consumer well-being, Consumer psychology, Consumption, Health, Spending, Sustainability, Branding, Communication
Kannan, P.K.+31 50 36 37065
Kegelaar, T.J.H., MSc+31 50 36 37065
Keizer, dr. M. (Martijn)+31 50 36 36632 Consumer Behavior, Persuasion, Financial behavior
Koch, J.A. (Jan Andre), MSc+31 50 36 34459Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Sustainable Consumption, Food
Kok, C.A. (Alynda), MSc+31 50 36 37065Sustainable consumer behaviour, food waste, meat consumption, social influence, cognitive dissonance
Leeflang, prof. dr. P.S.H. (Peter)+31 50 36 37065 Modelbuilding / Marketing / Management / Competition / Promotions
Leliveld, dr. M.C. (Marijke)+31 50 36 33226 Sustainable Society | Decision-making | Ethics and morality | Cause-Related Marketing | Charities | Fundraising | Corporate Responsibility | Consumer behavior | Sustainable packaging | Justice and Fairness | Negotiation and bargaining
Luiting-Drijfhout, M. (Marit), PhDMarketing, consumer behavior, food consumption and food waste
Lundahl, O.K. (Outi)+31 50 36 37065social media | privacy | sustainability | media | health | influencers | consumer culture theory | ethics | regulation
Minnema, dr. A.+31 50 36 37065
Mlakar, Z. (┼Żan), MSc+31 50 36 37065
Moeini Jazani, M. (Mehrad)+31 50 36 37065 Consumer Psychology with a focus on how fundamental psychosocial resources such as social status, power, and financial resources (e.g., poverty) shape consumers behavior and decision-making.

Strategic Brand Management

Consumers Brand Behavior

Experimental Design & Data Analysis
Moes, A. (Anne), MSc+31 50 36 37065
Molog-Kwant, L.C. (Lianne)+31 50 36 33686
Nguyen, D.K. (Khoi)+31 50 36 32024Digital transformation, organizational readiness
Nierop, dr. J.E.M. (Erjen) van+31 50 36 37065 Quantitative/econometrics methods in marketing (e.g. MCMC), shelf effects and optimization, sustainable markets, diffusion, marketing metrics.
Noordhoff, prof. dr. C.S.+31 50 36 37065
Noppers, dr. E.H.+31 50 36 37065
Olk, D. (David), MSc+31 50 36 33694 Consumer well-being with a special focus on the use of in-store nudges related to consumer purchasing behavior and retailing
Consumer psychology
Experimental research
Multivariate data analysis
Peeperkorn, J.P., M+31 50 36 37065
Peng, C.+31 50 36 37065
Ponte, G.R. (Gilian), MSc+31 50 36 37065- Marketing
- Privacy
- Deep Learning
- Applied Econometrics
Rambharos, drs. N. (Narly)+31 50 36 37065
Risselada, dr. H. (Hans)+31 50 36 36288
Rizio, S.M. (Stephanie)+31 50 36 37065Environmental psychology, economic psychology, consumer marketing, sustainable behaviour 
Sadowski, S. (Sebastian)+31 50 36 37065consumer behavior
Schaaf, drs. F.+31 50 36 37065
Sloot, prof. dr. L.M. (Laurens)+31 50 36 33686* Retail marketing expertise: grocery retailing in general, retail branding & format development, category management & the retail-mix, shopping behavior, online food retailing, omni-channel retailing.
* Brand marketing expertise: branding & positioning, private labels, price & promotion tactics, retailer-supplier relationship and exclusive assortment
* General fields of interest: food trends, new business models and business valuation.
Smit, H.K. (Hidde), MSc+31 50 36 37065Marketing, Advertising, Data Science, Modeling
Storch, J. (Julia), MSc+31 50 36 37065Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Healthy Lifestyle Changes, Emotions and Motivation, 
Thomassen, dr. J.P.R. (Jean-Pierre)+31 50 36 37065Defensive marketing, customer management, service excellence, customer delight, service guarantees
Verhoef, prof. dr. P.C. (Peter)+31 50 36 37320Marketing, Retailing, Sustainable Behavior, Big Data 
Vomberg, dr. A.E. (Arnd)+31 50 36 37065Marketing-Interfaces (e.g., Marketing-HR Interface, Marketing-Organization)
Sales Management and Customer Relationship Management
Pricing (e.g., Online-Offline Pricing, Dynamic Pricing)
Business-to-Business Marketing
Vries, E.L.E. de, PhD+31 50 36 37065
Vries, W.C. (Wieteke) de+31 50 36 37065Marketing and consumer well-being
In-store food decision-making and health interventions to promote healthy purchases
Wagelaar, drs. A.+31 50 36 37065
Wang, L., MSc+31 50 36 37065
Werkman, A. (Amber), MSc+31 50 36 37065Marketing, consumer behavior, food consumption and food waste
Westerbrink, M.E., MSc+31 50 36 37065
Wever, B. (Bertina)+31 50 36 37065
Wielheesen, T.J.P. (Tom), MSc+31 50 36 37065Marketing | Grocery Retailing | Entrepreneurship in Retailing 
Wieringa, prof. dr. J.E. (Jaap)+31 50 36 37093 Data Science, Marketing Analytics, Econometrics, Marketing Model Building, Time series analysis, State Space Modeling, Kalman Filtering, Diffusion modelling, Database Marketing, Privacy, Pharmaceutical marketing, Statistical Quality Control, Six Sigma
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