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Customer Insights Center (RUGCIC)
Faculty of Economics and Business
Customer Insights Center (RUGCIC) Collaborative research


Every year, the Customer Insights Center of the University of Groningen (RUGCIC) develops three whitepapers with scientific customer insights on current and relevant themes for marketing managers.

We are currently working on three white papers that will be published in the coming year:

  • Conspicuous consumption van Prof. dr. Bob Fennis
  • Artificial intelligence by Prof. dr. Jochen Hartmann and Jaap Wieringa
  • The future of Privacy by Prof. dr. Jaap Wieringa and Gilian Ponte

Published research reports

The short management summaries and tables of contents of previously published research reports can be downloaded for free by everyone, just click on the titles in the table below. If you want more, you can contact us to request the complete versions, provided your company is a member.

Report topics and summaries

How COVID-19 Influences Human Behaviour and Marketing Decision-Making

New Insights from Written Big Data

Successful Product Development and Innovation

B2B Pricing, a systematic pricing process to unlock hidden profits

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Marketing

Marketing Attribution: how to measure the contribution of a channel?

Customer Experience (CX): can you sense it?

Loyalty programs: new insights

Machine Learning: what is it and how can we use it?

Nudges: how shopping cues seduce customers to choose and buy your brand

Return to sender: drivers and consequences of online product returns

Can’t get no satisfaction: how attachment styles affect customerand employee-firm relationships

Managing customers in an evolving omnichannel world

Psychology of the defaulter: how to motivate debtors to pay

Unstructured data: can its power be unleashed?

Mobile marketing: how mobile devices change the role of marketing

How advertising works

Privacy: opportunities and threats for companies and consumers

Sports as marketing instrument: could it be gold?

Subtle influence: when mindless choices result in positive effects

Customer feedback metrics: the predictive power of customer satisfaction, NPS and other metrics

Price of the crisis: how to deal with increased price sensitivity?

Tensions in digital marketing: strategies, cases and more

Neuro marketing: discover and exploit the opinion of the brain

Online branding: brand measurement using social media

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social networks and new media

Churn: which customers could possibly get lost?

Behavioral Targeting: customer specific offerings at the right moment

Customer expansion: more value from existing customers

Competing on analytics: status quo of customer intelligence

Recession marketing: interesting chances in dark economic ages

Implementation: why do marketing projects succeed or fail?

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