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Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health

Together for more healthy years

Break-out sessions


Session 1: Obesity and poverty in the Northern Netherlands

Chaired by: Tim van Zutphen

Tim van Zutphen
Title: Getting in touch with health inequalities in Leeuwarden

Yinjie Zhu
Title: Socio-economic inequalities and BMI in COVID-19 infection and hospitalization: a local perspective from the Northern Netherlands using the Lifelines cohort study

Jesse David Marinus
Title: Determinants of Obesity in Fryslân: Changing perspectives with the Broad Prosperity Model

Session 2: Living environments and obesity

Chaired by: Karine van ‘t Land

Richard Rijnks
Title: Socio-economic spill-overs in regional health - large and largely unexplained

Yufang Zhang
Title: Linkage between the built environment and physical activity: from indicators to real-use experiences

Koert van Ittersum & Wieteke de Vries
Title: Healthier shopping carts with a little help from my supermarket

Session 3: Global perspective on obesity

Chaired by: Janno Lanjouw

Brigit Toebes
Title: Adequate food as a human right.
What is the right to food, and what are its implications? What should governments do, especially in light of the current obesity pandemic? And do food companies also have human rights responsibilities?

Regien Biesma
Title: Whole systems approach to tackle childhood obesity: the JOGG movement
What are whole systems approaches to reduce childhood obesity? What are the main lessons learnt from the Urban Learnings study on Dutch municipal approaches to combating overweight and obesity in youth (JOGG)? And can we translate these findings to an international context?

David Patterson
Title: Legal accountability for the obesity epidemic
Building on Brigit's presentation on the obligations of States, David will note the experience from HIV in generating awareness in communities and the use of international and national legal mechanisms for advocacy and accountability.


Session 1: Fat studies and stigma

Chaired by: Susanne Täuber

Mirjam Platinga will introduce the implicit anti-obesity bias test and will talk about stigmatization of overweight in relation to the role of the environment.
Title: Stigmatisation of obesity

Letitia Mulder
Title: The adverse influence of health programs and the moralization of overweight. Stuart Flint, keynote speaker of the day, will join a discussion part of the session.

Session 2: Behavioural and cultural aspects of obesity

Chaired by: James Kennaway

James Kennaway
Title: Cultures of corpulence: Fashionable and Unfashionable Obesity in Late Georgian Britain.

Megane Ackermanns
Title: Emotions, emotion regulation and eating behavior in daily life in women with obesity and women with a healthy weight

Hilde Bras
Title: Sibling inequalities in overweight and the role of mother’s education: Evidence from the Indonesian family life survey

Nienke Jonker
Title: Decreasing attentional bias for food cues in women with obesity

Session 3: Policies and interventions for obesity

Chaired by: Silvia Brouwer

Marloes Martens
Title: 'Voel je Goed' programme.

Eva Corpeleijn
Title: Hidden hunger in obesity: how blind spots mess up prevention

Stephan Bakker
Title: Urgent Need for Objective Measurements of Nutritional Intake in Dialysis Patients: Time for a Policy Change