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Mental wellbeing

Postoperatief cognitief dysfunctioneren tijdens veroudering
prof. dr. ULM (Ulrich) Eisel , prof. dr. EA (Eddy) van der Zee, dr. RG Schoemaker

Persistent postoperative cognitive impairment is a complication of surgery that mainly occurs in elderly patients, and is taken into account in the decision on performing the surgery. The underlying mechanism is still fairly unknown, but inflammatory processes to heal the tissue damage, inherent to surgery, may have its reflection in the brain, with consequently neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration. We investigate in old versus young rats, how surgery can lead to cognitive impairment, and the effects of potential therapeutic interventions. Results are translated back into the clinical setting.

Collaboration of the department of Molecular Neurobiology with the department of Surgery, University Medical Center, Dr.B.L. van Leeuwen. International collaboration with prof. Dr. CJ Nyakas, Semmelweis University Budapest, Hongary.

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