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Expertisecentrum HealthwiseOnderdeel van Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Expertisecentrum Healthwise

Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
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Een groot aantal hoogleraren en internationaal vermaarde onderzoekers is aan ons expertisecentrum gelieerd. Hieronder vindt u een uitgebreide lijst met namen en vakgebieden (in het Engels) van onze experts.



Ahaus, C.T.B.

Quality and Patient Safety, Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, Integrated Care

Alessie, R.J.M.

Micro-Econometrics, Consumer Economics, Household Saving Behaviour, Economics of Ageing, Labor Economics

Angelini, V.

Applied Microeconomics, Microeconometrics, Household Finance, Consumer Economics, Economics of Ageing

Bonvanie-Lenferink, A.M.

Healthcare Innovation, Preventive Healthcare, Information Technology and Medical Ethics

Boonstra, A.

Implementation, ICT in Healthcare, Management of Interest Groups, Innovation of Healthcare processes

Broekhuis, H.

Elderly Care, Modular Care, Cooperation in Teams, Performance Management, eHealth

Brock, E.O. de

Medical Databases, Medical Informatics, Information System Development, Bio Informatics, Clinical Trial Data

Bijmolt, T.H.A.

Marketing, Research, Quantitative Models, Retailing, Customer Relationship Management, Meta-analysis

Cao, E. de

Health Econometrics, Health Determinants and Outcomes, Global Health

Crom, B.

Hospitals, Budgeting, Responsibility Centers, Performance Management

Fennis, B.M.

Self-regulation, Behavioural Change, Social Influencing

Hage, M.L.

Ageing, eHealth Adoption, Social Connectivity, Mixed Methods

Ittersum, K. van

Marketing and Consumer Well-being, Consumer Psychology, Food Consumption, Obesity

Jacobs, J.P.A.M.

Macroeconomic Modelling, Business Cycles, Financial Crises, Quantitative Economic History, Health Economics
Land, M.J. Lean in Healthcare, Patient Flow Analysis, Production Planning, Workload Control, Make-to-order Production

Laurijssen, L.M.

Incentives, Healthcare, Motivation, Decision Making, Organisational Behaviour

Mierau, J.O.

Demographic Macroeconomics, Political Economics, Public Economics

Molleman, H.B.M.

Multidisciplinary Cooperation, Professional Identity, Healthcare Complexity

Mulder, L.B.

Morality, Sanctions, Norms, Ethics, Social Dilemmas
Mulder, J. ICT Architecture, Information Security, eHealth, Independent Living as a Service, Innovation

Noort, A.C.

Incentive Policies, Performance Measurement, Quality, Shared Savings

Offenbeek, M.A.G. van

Professional Roles, Innovation Adoption, eHealth, Organisational Innovation
Ooijen, R. van Applied Econometrics, Economics of Ageing, Household Portfolios, Saving Behaviour, Health Economics

Penninga, P.

Handover of Care, Complex Care, Process Management, Continuity of Care

Regts-Walters, A.G.

Work Relationships, Leadership, Social Networks, Individual Work Outcomes

Renkema, E.H.

Malpractice Litigation, Organisational Behaviour, Patient Safety, Physicians

Roemeling, O.P.

Healthcare, Lean (Toyota Production Systems), Lean Tools

Roodbergen, K.J.

Logistics, E-Fulfilment, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing

Spierdijk, L.

Applied Econometrics & Statistics, Banking, Insurance, Portfolio Management
Täuber, S. Social Identity, Moral Motivation, Defensiveness, Strategic Behaviour, Organisational Change
Vaart, J.T. van der. Healthcare Operations, Flow and Variability in Healthcare Processes, Supply Chain Integration, Shared Resources

Velthuijsen, J.W.

Incentivising Integrated Care, Pay-for-Performance Systems, Regulation & Liberalisation

Viluma, L.

Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Health Insurance, Incentives in Healthcare

Vos, J.F.J.

Change Leadership, IS Implementation in Healthcare, Stakeholder Management
Vries, J. de Critical Pathways, Patient Logistics, Process Management, Inventory Systems in Health Services
Wieringa, J.E. Pharmaceutical Marketing, Marketing Model Building, Time Series Analysis, Diffusion Modelling, Statistical Quality Control, Six Sigma
Wiese, R.H.T. Political Economics, Healthcare Financing, Privatisation Triggers, Reform Measurement

Wortmann, J.C.

Information Systems, Telecare, Software Services, Sustainable Business Cases

Zee, D.J. van der

Healthcare Simulation, Healthcare Logistics, Healthcare Systems Engineering

Zwart, G.T.J.

Theory of Health Insurance, Risk Adjustment Design, Competition Economics

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