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Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health
Together for more healthy years
Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health

Aletta Dive; Stronger together: Technology as an ally towards a healthier life for vulnerable individuals

When:Fr 18-10-2024 10:00 - 16:00
Where:House of Connections

Join us for a discussion on the potential of technology to benefit vulnerable populations from social robots to digital literacy and social impact, during the Aletta Dive "Stronger together: Technology as an ally towards a healthier life for vulnerable individuals" on Friday, Oct. 18, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Host of the day is Jetse Goris.

Healthcare technology is developing rapidly, but how do we introduce innovations into practice so that all citizens can benefit? In addition, we have to deal with a shrinking work population in healthcare. How can we still provide the care people need?

On the Dive, we explore what does and does not work in practice, and how we can bring this knowledge together. Collaboration across knowledge institutions, but especially between policy makers and healthcare personnel, is needed to arrive at feasible practical solutions.

What to expect.

  • Inspirational speakers, such as Job van 't Veer, Jenny van Doorn and Johan van der Meulen, share their experiences with social robots, stimulating the use of digital tools and support care professionals and design thinking for impact - the user journey

  • Hands-on workshops on topics.

  • Engage in inspiring discussions with experts and stakeholders about the future of healthcare.

  • Collaborate on concrete solutions to pressing health issues.

  • You will meet like-minded people, expand your network and share knowledge and experiences.

Using this Dive as a catalyst, we aim to have a significant, positive impact on the (quality of) lives of vulnerable groups in the Northern Netherlands through technology. In doing so, we encourage collaboration between researchers, policy makers, companies and practice professionals to develop and implement new technological solutions. One way of doing this is through follow-up appointments after the Dive to jointly submit project applications, obtain funding and make further agreements around consortium formation.

The Aletta Dive is relevant to:

  • Professionals committed to healthier lives for vulnerable populations

  • Researchers developing innovative technology solutions

  • Policy makers who are shaping policy and regulation around healthcare technology

  • Companies offering technology products and services

  • Civil society organizations that support vulnerable groups

  • End users and target group representatives

Register now!

Your participation will be invaluable in shaping the future of health care. Here, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with experts and stakeholders on practical solutions to pressing health issues. Together we will make a difference!

  • The program is still under development but we promise you an inspiring and educational day.

  • The working language will be English.

The program committee consists of Maarten Lahr, Job van 't Veer, Jenny van Doorn, Johan van der Meulen, Sita Dijkstra - NHL Stenden Hogeschool - Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health - 8d Games - Service Marketing University of Groningen

We hope to see you on October 18!