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Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health

Aletta Dive: Sex matters! Gender and the making of knowledge

When:Mo 22-01-2024 10:30 - 15:30
Where:House of Connections, Grote Markt 21, 9712HR Groningen
Woman in Health

Update. We're looking back on a great Aletta Dive! More than a hundred people joined us in the House of Connections to discuss the importance of sex and gender for health (knowledge).

Check out a reflection and the pictures here .

Read the blog written by Brigit Toebes

Two episodes were made on this theme for Aletta Talks. Listen to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform . 

For now, the first two routes for follow up are funding and education. We asked for input for position papers about how more funding should be made available to close the gender data gap, both on a EU scale and nationally, and for a position paper on how to get gender back into high school education.

If you want to work with us on this, please let us know!


(January 2024) The upcoming Aletta Dive focuses on gender(data)gaps and invisibilities in the making of medical and health knowledge and aims to  create a more balanced approach to the way people and professionals view women's health.

Aletta Dives are small scale events designed to bring science and practice together in order to address concrete societal challenges and have an engaged discussion on the spot. We dive deeper into concrete topics, and work together on solutions for contemporary issues in public health.

This Dive is intended to take concrete steps forward and will mark the beginning of additional activities related to gender (data) gaps and the making of knowledge.

The underrepresentation of women in (medical) research has resulted in lack of understanding about the female body. There are gaps in our knowledge about the best ways to diagnose and treat diseases, as well as a lack of gender-specific treatments for many conditions. Women's health has often been seen as a "special interest" or "niche" area, rather than a fundamental part of overall health research. This has meant that research into women's health has been underfunded and undervalued, compared to research into men's health.

Wish to join us? For now, we can already announce Trudy Dehue and Bertho Nieboer as keynote speakers. Host of the day is Alies Pegtel. Scroll down for the program.

This event is for anyone who wants to address the gender data gap.

Experts will give short pitches in a carousel, after which you, as guests in small groups, will have the opportunity for further brief discussions. Following that, you will collectively create a visual statement wall with post-its, capturing your various opinions, questions, and insights. With the assistance of Rina Knoeff, and her 'feedback loop' team Nina Mileva, Maria Achterbosch, Emma Bos, Diedelot Denessen en Hanneke de Boer will then select key points from these statements, forming the basis for another segment of the program: an interactive (panel) discussion.

There will also be a small book market with relevant literature.

Feel free to spread the word and share this invite with your colleagues and (societal) partners!

We invite you to register in advance here. Lunch will be included in the programme.

The program team

The Aletta Dive will be followed by a public lecture on the equality paradox , hosted by Rina Knoeff and Karen Hollewand in Dutch, don't miss out!


Welcome coffee/tea
Welcome by Brigit Toebes
Introduction by Alies Pegtel
Explanation 'feedback loop' by Rina Knoeff
Keynote lecture by Trudy Dehue
What counts as a pregnancy and an abortion?
Pitch Carousel
Round one
1. Representation of women in clinical trials
2. Mindful diagnosis: a call to action against gender bias in mental health
3. The urinary microbiome, the hidden variable behind urinary tract infections?
4. Sex and gender in research funding
5. The cosmetic menu: choice, constriction and/or control?
6. How do people become sexually knowledgeable? Anthropological perspectives
Round two
1. Towards unequal care: reshaping the treatment of psychosis to the female body
2. A man/woman goes to see their GP...
3. Historical perspectives on medical views of female education
4. Eating disorders in men, why so few?
5. Sexless torsos and the horror of hormones in the biology classroom
Lunch & networking
Keynote lecture Bertho Nieboer
Closing the gap: from she-male to female
Discussion: audience & Trudy Dehue, Bertho Nieboer, Carine Stroet, Anne-Mette Hermans, Deniz Haydar
Where do we go from here?
Parallel sessions
- Funding: Gema Ocaña Noriega, Miriam Boersma, Carine Stroet
Moderator Brigit Toebes
- Education: Deniz Haydar, Karen Hollewand
Moderator Rina Knoeff
Event closing