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Personalized medicine

Cost-effective Targeted and Personalized Medicine enhancing Healthy Aging
prof. dr. MJ (Maarten) Postma

Cost-effectiveness of interventions is an increasingly important issue and is also considered for targeted and personalized medicine. Targeted medicine involves specific groups, such as pregnant women and children. Topics include ADHD and antibiotic treatments for children, cost-effective treatment of chronic diseases in pregnancy, optimizing adequate use of folic acid in pregnancy and prevention of preeclampsia. The research line includes interventions targeted at blood transfusion recipients, in particular the cost-effective provision of save blood, with projects in Africa (Zimbabwe and Namibia). Beyond targeted medicine, personalized medicine concerns individualized rather than group-oriented interventions. In the project, the pharmacist is considered as a core partner in personalized medicine with major options to enhance healthy aging. The project includes the cost-effectiveness of pharmacists’ interventions to improve adherence to drug therapy and genetic screening to optimize drug therapy. Studies in these areas are and have been undertaken for osteoporosis and COPD and for anti-depressants and RAAS-inhibitors. Topics are selected in close collaborations with policy makers – such as KNMP – with the goal to closely integrate research, funding and policy.    

Cooperation within the EU-projects T-REC and PROTECT and with KNMP (The Hague), Stichting HealthBase and the University of Ghent (Belgium)

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