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Library card/subscription

  • Can I become a member of the University Library?

    Yes, you can join the library. More information:

  • What does a paid subscription cost?

    It depends on the type of subscription. See rates and options

  • Do I get access to digital collection if I become a University Library member?

    No, the digital collection is only accessible to University of Groningen staff and students. You can, however, use the computers in the University Library to consult the digital collection. See: Non-UG  visitors.

  • How can I activate my library card so that I can request books?

    • For students and staff:
      In SmartCat, click on ‘Log in’ and then on ‘Sign in with P or S number’
    • For other borrowers:
      Click on 'Log in’ in SmartCat and then ‘Log in for UMCG and other users’
  • How can I obtain a secondary school pupil card?

    You can request it via: Application for a library card
    More information on the card for secondary school pupils: UB per user group - Secondary school pupils
  • I am a retired member of staff; do I still have access to the digital collection?

    All staff members due to retire will receive an email before they stop working stating that their account will be closed. Would you like to retain access to the digital collection? Renew your account annually. More information: Former staff

  • I have a temporary paper library card; when do I get my proper card?

    The library card will be sent to your home address within a month of purchasing the temporary card. You can then destroy the temporary card.

  • I do not have my UG card yet/I lost my card, what can I do?

    Are you new to the UG, and did not yet receive your UG card (student card)? Please contact  SIA (Student Information & Administration) a.s.a.p.

    Do you already have a card, but did you loose it or is it broken? In that case, you can request a new card yourself via MyRUGpass.

  • As a one-off, I need a book from your repository collection. Do I have to purchase a subscription?

    You can purchase a day card, see: Library card and subscriptions (under Day pass)

  • Can I become as a secondary school pupil member of the University Library?

    Yes, you can join the library as a secondary school pupil. More information:

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