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Fines / late returns

  • What do I have to pay if I return books late?

    The loan period will be extended automatically (a maximum of 24 times for staff and 12 times for students and other borrowers), unless the publication is reserved by another borrower. If you fail to return a book after the maximum loan period has expired or in case of a reservation a replacement fee will be charged. Further information: Request, pick up, return
  • What do I have to pay if I lose a book?

    If you lose a book, you will normally pay a € 60 replacement fee as well as any costs relating to reminders and administration. If you can provide a replacement yourself, however, you will not have to pay the standard replacement fee. If you have any questions, please contact the service desk at: bibliotheek or on 050 3635020.

  • How can I pay a fine or a replacement fee?

    You can pay fines and replacement fees at the service desk.

  • I have received a reminder or fine for a book that I have already returned. What has gone wrong?

    Please contact the service desk: bibliotheek or call 050 36 35020

  • Didn't find an answer?

    If you can't find your question, please complete the form Your question.
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