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Healthy Ageing

One of the key pionts of research at the University of Groningen is healthy aging. The University of Groningen believes it is very important that we not only grow older, but that we also do this in good health and we are committed to this. Leading in this are the Aletta Jacobs school of public health and the associated research centers.

What do we do?

Fit and skilled!

Less sitting in the classroom will sound pretty good to many primary school students. If it is up to Esther Hartman, associate professor and researcher at the Center for Human Movement Sciences, this will become the norm in the Netherlands. Jumping during the math lesson and jogging during language lessons helps children to learn better.

Hartman concludes this on the basis of three years of research into the development of children in primary education. Movement during the lessons ensures that students can concentrate better and makes children more fit.

Last modified:07 January 2019 10.30 a.m.
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