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Affiliations and author identifier

Affiliations - authors and organizations

  • All content contributors can be added and their exact roles can be defined (e.g. illustrator or translator).
  • As a general rule, authors should be added to content using their organizational affiliation at the time of writing and publishing. Therefore, content can be created with both authors who have a current organisational affiliation (internal) and authors who have a current external organisation (external).
  • Citation of University of Groningen affiliations is obligatory if a publication has been created (in whole or in part) or is based on results obtained during a staff member’s time at the university.
  • For non-Dutch media the author or co-author should mention ‘University of Groningen’, and, if the institution in question is the University Medical Center Groningen: ‘University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen’, in the affiliation statement. With Dutch media, ‘Rijksuniversiteit Groningen’ or, in the case of the University Medical Center Groningen, ‘Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen‘, will suffice.

Pre-University of Groningen publications

  • You can enter your pre-University of Groningen publications in Pure. If your publications are available in RIS or BibTeX format, you can import them from file:
import from file
  • Otherwise, you can create them from template:
Pure template
  • Your pre-University of Groningen publications will be visible on your personal profile page on the University of Groningen website but will not be part of departmental reports.
  • When adding your publications to Pure, please make sure that your 'affiliation' is registered correctly. Pure will suggest your current affiliation (to the University of Groningen) by default. When adding a pre-university publication to Pure, you need to change this affiliation to the organization that you worked for. Use this page to learn how to change the affiliation in five simple steps.
  • Especially with larger numbers (25+) of publications, adding them all to Pure can involve quite some work. If you need advice or help to retrieve your pre-University of Groningen publications, don't hesitate to contact pure for assistance.

More information

More information on the rules for citing your University of Groningen affiliation:

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