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Adding projects

Users can not add a project themselves, you can only edit a project once it has been created and you are added as a participant! Please contact your local Pure coordinator.

Visibility on research portal

Projects are not made visible on the research portal by default, but it is the perfect place to inform the general public about your project and all related material. After you have added all relevant information to your project please ask your local Pure coordinator to make it public.

How to edit/add

Once you have been added as a participant to a project, you can edit and add to this project. When you login you will see a notification that you have been added to a project. You can go directly to this project by clicking on the title of the project.


Different roles are possible. There must always be one PI. (maximum 2)

type roles

Please add as much as information as possible to the template:

  • Nature of activity type: categorize the type of collaboration
  • Title: use the formal title of the grant if it has one. If not, choose a title that will be meaningful to you and others in the future
  • Description, Layman’s Description and Key Findings: make these fields informative for the intended audience.
  • ID’s: every project has several IDs. Add them all.
  • Collaborative partners: add details of your collaborative internal and external organisations (not: individuals), for example universities and stakeholder groups. Do not forget the internal partners!
  • Life cycle: you must add a start and end date for your project to appear in your Research Activity Report. The dates can be approximated.
  • Related applications and awards: link to your related applications and awards held in Pure. These items will not be shown on the research portal!
  • Related Research Output, Activities, Prizes, Press/Media, Datasets: link to as much information in Pure as possible.
  • Project relations: link your project to your other projects in Pure and define their temporal relationships.
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