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Add content to Pure

The following content types are available for researchers to add to Pure:



Research output

Content the researcher is responsible for. Usually written and published but can also be non-textual and not formally published.


Describes all activities that a researcher may be involved in/with as an individual, e.g. giving a lecture.


Captures prizes and other professional distinctions awarded to a researcher.


Mentions of the researcher in media, e.g. interviews or broadcasts.


Metadata of collections of data, e.g. databases, survey data, observations, measurements, and other results of experiments.

Metadata of patents.

Awards (Grants)*

A sum of money given by a government or other organization for a particular purpose such as a research project.


Research projects can be linked to other related types of research content such as Awards or Research Output.

* Please note that it is not possible for Personal users to add Awards and/or Projects to Pure. Contact your Pure coordinator to discuss the possibilities of them adding your Project(s) to Pure, and possibly link them to related content.

Linking pieces of content

One of the most valuable features of Pure is its ability to make associations between pieces of content. Showing these links is invaluable to potential funders and to staff with similar research interests.

Pieces of content are linked by adding ‘Relations’ to each other towards the bottom of the content window. For example, click ‘Add research output’, search for the publication you require in the pop-up box and click on it to add it as a new ‘relation’ to other research content.

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