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As of September 2019, the UMCG research institutes choose an “Open Access Publication of the Week”. In collaboration with the library, these publications are communicated extensively, inside and outside the UMCG (intra / internet, social media) so that they receive extra attention. All forms of open access are eligible (gold, hybrid and green).

Below, you find the Open Access Publications of the week that have been chosen thus far.

Week 46: 'Evidence-based Clinical Decision Support Systems for the prediction and detection of three disease states in critical care'
Posted on:14 November 2019


Goran Medic , Melodi Kosaner Kließ , Louis Atallah , Jochen Weichert , Saswat Panda , Maarten Postma , Amer EL-Kerdi

Journal: F1000Research 2019, 8:1728

Week 45: 'Body weight course in the DIAbetes and LifEstyle Cohort Twente'
Posted on:07 November 2019


Christina M. Gant, Ijmke Mensink, S. Heleen Binnenmars, Job A. M. van der Palen, Stephan J. L. Bakker, Gerjan Navis, Gozewijn D. Laverman

In: PLoS One. 2019 Jun 19;14(6):e0218400

Week 44: 'Modeling of Cisplatin-Induced Signaling Dynamics in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells Reveals Mediators of Sensitivity '
Posted on:31 October 2019


Anne Margriet Heijink, Marieke Everts, Megan E. Honeywell,Ryan Richards, Yannick P. Kok, Elisabeth G.E. de Vries, Michael J. Lee, Marcel A.T.M. van Vugt

In: Cell Reports, 2019; 28(9):2345-2357.e5

Week 42: 'Neural correlates of victimization in psychosis'
Posted on:17 October 2019


Elisabeth C.D. van der Stouwe, Jooske T. van Busschbach, Esther M. Opmeer, Bertine de Vries, Jan-Bernard C. Marsman, Andre Aleman, Gerdina H.M. Pijnenborg

In: Nature Partner Journal NPJ Schizophrenia. 5, 9 p., 14., 9-Sep-2019

Week 41: 'Hiding negative trials by pooling them'
Posted on:10 October 2019


Ymkje Anna de Vries , Annemieke M. Roest, Erick H. Turner, Peter de Jonge

In: Psychological Medicine, 2019;49:2020-2026

Week 37: 'Human VPS13A is associated with multiple organelles and influences mitochondrial morphology and lipid droplet motility'
Posted on:12 September 2019


Yeshaw, W. M., van der Zwaag, M. , M., Pinto, F., Lahaye, L. L., Faber, A. I., Gómez-Sánchez, R ., Dolga, A. M ., Poland, C., Monaco, A. P., van IJzendoorn, S ., Grzeschik, N. A ., Velayos-Baeza, A. & Sibon, O. C .,

In: eLife (2019) 8, 37 p., 43561.

Feasibility of couple-based expanded carrier screening offered by general practitioners
Posted on:05 September 2019


Juliette Schuurmans, Erwin Birnie, Lieke M van den Heuvel, Mirjam Plantinga, Anneke Lucassen, Dorina M van der Kolk, Kristin M Abbott, Adelita V Ranchor, Agnes D Diemers, Irene M van Langen

In: European Journal of Human Genetics, 2019; 27: 691-700

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