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Here you can find the study associations that are affiliated to the Faculty of Law.


Civielrechtelijke Vereniging Diephuis is a study association in Groningen that primarily focuses on private law students although every law student is welcome to join the association. Throughout the academic year, various activities are being organized for students interested in private law. Diephuis is an association that focuses on lawsuits and organized various activities that involve lawsuits. In this way, students learn how things work in practice and they can get into contact with potential employers.

DSLA (Decentralized Student Association)

DSLA is a study association for students of the Technology Law track. It is the Faculty's newest association but certainly has big ambitions! DSLA aims to connect students of the LLB International and European Law: Technology Law track with students of artificial intelligence, and computing science, therefore giving DSLA a truly cross-faculty element. DSLA is an internationally friendly association, and has a number of exciting tech-based events all year round including day excursions around the Netherlands, international trips, moot courts, and monthly socials for our members.


ELSA Groningen was founded in 2013 and became the 7th local group of ELSA the Netherlands. ELSA aims at integration and professional development of motivated law students. With more than 100 members they cover both Dutch and international parts of the faculty and wish to provide future lawyers with a unique chance to explore the limitless opportunities European Law Students' Association has to offer.


The GFE is a study association for fiscal students, both lawyers and economists, of the University of Groningen. Next to organizing various leisure activities, GFE can also provide a competitive advantage for its members. In this way, students can for example connect with other students in the same field of study, but they can also establish contacts with law firms which enhances the likelihood of finding a suitable job. Activities organized by GFE include a symposium and a study trip abroad.


J.B.S.V. Dorknoper is the study association for students Legal Administrative Sciences at the University of Groningen. The study association organizes a vast array of activities, ranging from study-related events, such as conferences, lectures and excursions, to various social activities. Besides organizing these study-related activities, J.B.S.V. Dorknoper also collects vacancies for its members so that students can gain work experience during their studies or start their career as soon as they finish their academic program.


The JFV is the study association for all law students of the University of Groningen. This association offers a vast array of activities and facilities that are scientifically relevant to its students. Participation in these activities can often be considered as a valuable practical experience to complement the studies. Activities organized by the JFV include for example a yearly Conference, the Legal Experience, a Skills Event, application training, company visits, excursions abroad and monthly socials.


LISA (Law & ICT Students’ Association) is a study association aimed at IT-law students of the University of Groningen. This study association believes that students get the most out of their studies when they remain in close contact with their fellow students, professors and companies. The objective of LISA is twofold. On the one hand, LISA aims to encourage its members to delve into the field of IT-law next to their studies. Moreover, LISA intends to enhance the understanding of others in the field of IT-law. In order to meet these objectives, LISA organizes various activities, for instance symposia, company visits and an IE-quiz.


Nexus Student Association Groningen is the student association (studievereniging) for the LLB programme in International and European Law and related master programmes. These programmes mainly consist of international students and, therefore, Nexus is very internationally orientated. Besides organizing activities to integrate internationals into Dutch culture, such as a political debate with local parties in English, Nexus also aims to provide members with the chance to obtain a social network, participate in the organization of guest lectures or informal activities, attend debating trainings, trips and workshops, all in a multicultural environment.

Progressief Rechten

Progressief Rechten is a representative advisory body aimed at all students of the Faculty of Law. The objective of Progressief Rechten is to promote the interests of its members within the faculty in an open and constructive manner. The association realizes this goal by taking a seat on various faculty committees and on the Faculty Council. Within the Faculty Council, Progressief Rechten both has advisory powers and the right of initiative regarding various topics.

Simon van der Aa

Simon van der Aa is an association for students of the University of Groningen who have an interests in criminal justice and criminology. The main objective of Simon van der Aa is to generate an interest in criminal justice and to promote the development of knowledge in the field of criminal law. To meet this objective, Simon van der Aa organizes numerous activities such as lectures, an annual conference and a trip abroad.


S.G.O.R. is a legal association for students in business law at the University of Groningen. The activities organized by S.G.O.R. are all aimed at providing a better insight of the content of the lectures. In addition, the aim of the S.G.O.R. is to promote and maintain contact with the business community and the legal profession. Activities organized by the S.G.O.R. include a yearly Conference and the International Study Project.

Ten Behoeve van Rechtenstudenten - TBR


TBR is engaged in promoting the interests of law students at the University of Groningen and is, therefore, represented in various committees and the Faculty Council. Within the various committees, TBR members together with students and professors provide advice for the Faculty Board. Moreover, TBR organizes various politically-aimed activities, such as an excursion.


Vevonos is the study association for notarial students at the University of Groningen. Vevonos aims to stimulate contacts between its members and to promote scientific development of its members. In order to achieve this, Vevonos organizes forums, a symposium and a yearly nationwide conference for notarial students. Furthermore, all members have the opportunity to visit various notary offices. In addition, there are various activities and (sporting) events throughout the academic year, such as the International Study Project and the annual hockey tournament.

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