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Here you can find the study associations that are affiliated to the Faculty of Medical Sciences.


Panacea is the Medical Faculty Association intended for all students that study Medicines at the University of Groningen. On the one hand, Panacea’s aim is to represent the interests of its students by for example maintaining close contact with the faculty and the professors, but on the other hand, Panacea also aims to offer added value to the study life by organizing various activities. These activities range from a Medical Career Day to a symposium in which students can learn everything about a specific medical topic.

Studiosi Mobilae

Studioso Mobilae is the study association for (former) students Human Movement Sciences at the University of Groningen. The association organizes a variety of interesting activities such as excursions to both domestic and foreign companies and a symposium.

T.M.F.V. Archigenes

T.M.F.V. Archigenes is the study association of Dentistry and Dental Hygiene in Groningen. The main goal of Archigenes is to represent the interests of its students which is achieved by an interest group that support year representatives and various education committees. Moreover, Archigenes organizes a vast array of activities that include for example lectures and a symposium.

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