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Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

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The Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences provides its students with various forms of career guidance. This is provided at different levels and comes from different channels.

First are the course units in the curriculum that aim to increase student awareness of the career process. For instance, the Psychology programme offers the course unit ‘Academic Fields’, Pedagogical Sciences has guest lecturers from the professional field and Sociology has ‘real-life’ assignments from the professional field among its projects. In addition, students on the Primary School Teacher Training College (Academische Pabo) do several placements during the programme and students doing teacher training gain classroom experience. Second, various course units in the programmes use guest lecturers from the professional field. For an impression of the course units, please refer to the various prospectuses .

The three study associations (VIP, ODIOM and Societas) also play an important role in the career facilities offered by the Faculty. They provide information in career evenings and lectures, but also set students to work themselves in, for instance, speed dates with alumni or excursions to relevant establishments. For an idea of what the study associations have to offer, see their websites:


The Faculty also has a contact person (Iris de Boer) whose aim is to keep student career orientation high on the agenda. She does this by engaging in active consultation with the important players in the Faculty, such as programme directors, the Faculty Board and study associations, and by launching initiatives that support the students. One example was an initiative launched by the Advisory Board for the Psychology Department in conjunction with Munstra that gave students the opportunity to shadow alumni for a day during the summer holiday. This proved to be a big success: the alumni found it fun and useful to provide the students with information and the students found out more about what it was like to work in various specializations in Psychology. These work shadowing days have since become a structural part of the programme. Another example is the budget made available by the Faculty Board to students and lecturers for new career-related initiatives. Some great proposals have already been submitted by both lecturers and students.

Finally, students can direct any career questions to their study advisor. If students or internal or external parties have any ideas or suggestions on career matters in and relating to the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, they can contact Ellen de Jong.

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