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UNL Internship Agreement

As of July 2022, all fourteen Dutch universities have adopted the same format for an internship agreement. This decision was made after extensive consultation with student organizations and companies, including an online consultation. The internship agreement ensures clear arrangements between students, universities, and internship organizations. Our university has therefore established and mandated this internship agreement as the standard for outgoing internships throughout the entire university.

The internship agreement specifies the support provided by the internship organization and the university, as well as how the internship assessment is conducted. It also includes clear agreements regarding the rights of interns, including their legal status, dispute resolution procedures, and the purpose of the internship.

For the internship agreement (available in both Dutch and English), a detailed explanation, and a FAQ, please visit the UNL website.

Last modified:22 March 2024 11.42 a.m.
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