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Faculty of Science and Engineering

FSE Career Services
Bernouilliborg FSE

Career Services at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) provides student services in the area of career orientation, employability skills and future career preparation. Career Services FSE is part of University of Groningen (UG) Career Services, the central organ of career services, located in the city center of Groningen.

Jobs, internships and student assistantships (students)

The Career ConNEXT database is a platform with interesting (international) jobs, internships and student assistantships. Students can login with their Student Number and refine the search in the database by using keywords or filtering by type of job. These jobs are a great opportunity for students to gain work experience. Alongside facilitating personal development, student jobs and student assistantships help students to create a more attractive profile for potential employers.

Jobs, internships and student assistantships (companies and lecturers)

The Career ConNEXT database of Career Services offers an oppportunity to both lecturers and companies to promote a job vacancy, internship or student assistantship to students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE).
For companies, the Career ConNEXT database is an interesting platform to gain access to a group of highly educated students, free of charge. More information on how to better target students at FSE for your internship please find below.
In case you do not wish to post a job or internship vacancy, but would like to stay updated on career-related topics and/or to be contacted about job fairs by us, please fill in your contact information in this form.

Job vacancies

To post a job vacancy in Career ConNEXT, fill in the online employer form if you are new to posting via this system. Subsequently, or if you are already familiair with posting via this system, please fill in this new vacancy form. In case you want to post additional vacancies, pay attention that for every additional new vacancy a new form has to be filled in. Afterwards, the team of Career Services will post the job(s) in the Career ConNEXT database.


As a company, you are welcome to send in internship vacancies that students can do in their free time (extracurricular). However, your company can achieve greater success filling internships vacancies when they fit the requirements of projects students have to complete in their study programme (curriculum). You are invited to explore the opportunities of collaboration with our Faculty within the academic standards of the internships of our programmes.

This overview provides information about the current study programmes that include internships and contact information of the internship coordinators. The types of internship vacancies that fulfill the academic requirements of the Faculty study programmes as represented in the overview, will receive a higher response rate from students. You can send in your own internship vacancies for our Career ConNEXT database via the same form that is used for job vacancies.

Companies welcome at Career Day and Beta Business Days

Every year, the Career Day and the Beta Business Days are organized to prepare students for their future career. The Career Day is organized by the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE, every year in November. The Career Day focusses on informing students about job possibilities to enhance the career skills of students by means of workshops. Also, the Career Day provides a first acquaintance with companies and organizations for students, via an information market. The Beta Business Days are organized by a founbdation of students who study at the FSE, every year in March. The Beta Business Days offer a platform where students and companies can connect and where students can apply on the spot for the jobs companies offer. Companies are welcome to (re)present themselves at these events and connect with students. In case you are interested, please leave your contact information via this online form. This year, the Career Day and Beta Business Days are organized online.

Student assistants (lecturers)

If you are a lecturer and in search of a student assistant , please download the form to send in a vacancy to Career ConNEXT.
We will ensure that the student assistantship is brought to the attention of the students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) via the Career ConNEXT database.

Other FSE Career Services for students

If you are a student studying at FSE, you can find more detailed information about the services Career Services provides on the Student Portal. The Student Portal also offers information on yearly events such as the FSE Career Day, and on the web you can find information about the Beta Business Days. Furthermore, the Student Portal provides information on the tools you can use to increase your chances on the labor market, like useful links with tests and information about studying abroad. Finally, the Student Portal offers information on when career-related workshops are offered at Zernike. Due to regulations resulting from the corona pandemic, workshops are currently organized online. We provide a range of workshops that you can participate in for free, with topics such as LinkedIn and Self-analysis for Career Orientation.

The Career Services Desk

The Career Services Desk is the place where you as a student can get feedback on your cover letter, LinkedIn profile and CV, free of charge. The desk is open every week, on Thursdays from 10.30 – 15.00 hours and is located on the first floor of the Bernoulliborg, next to the Education Support Desk. Due to regulations resulting from the corona pandemic, checks on your cover letter, LinkedIn profile and CV are now provided online. More information can also be found on the Student Portal.

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